5 Best Used Snowmobiles

Winter is coming, and with the cold weather on its way, it’s time to find your winter hobby: snowmobiling. As we head into winter in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, snowmobiling could be a safe way to spend time outside and keep your mind off the craziness of the world! But whether you are new to the game or simply don’t have heaps of money to spend, a new sled might not be in the budget. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best-used snowmobiles.

Top Used Snowmobiles To Consider in 2020

Just like a used car, you need to do your research and be cautious of what snowmobile you plan to purchase. It’s important to ensure the vehicle meets your needs and can provide you with winter fun for years to come. For some background information on different brands and types of snowmobiles, you can find more details in this article.

1. 2019 Yamaha VK 540

Yamaha is very well known as a great brand in power sport vehicles, and this is because they do not disappoint!

The VK 540 model is obviously quite new and has valuable features to prove it. This model has a three-speed transmission and ProComfort suspension (which is great for riding over bumps, jumps, and everything in between). It also has a great fuel capacity for a two-seater. With heated handgrips for the driver, you’ll feel like you’re living the height of luxury driving this sled.

Another perk is the extra storage under the seat, perfect for longer adventures. Not only that, but the option for both manual and electric start-up makes this snowmobile very unique!

2. 2018 Polaris Titan

This snowmobile is a great crossover vehicle and is perfect for trails of all kinds! With an impressive towing potential of 1200 pounds, this sled can also be used as a utility snowmobile.

The vehicle is equipped with a two strokes engine with a cooling system that can face the toughest conditions. With a great transmission and a track of 155 inches by 20 inches, you’ll be able to face as much snow as you want!

There are different versions of the Titan, such as the SP, XC, and Adventure. The SP is the basic version and is often offered at a lower price. The XC is a sportier version, with an excellent track and suspensions. Finally, the Adventure has more bells and whistles, boasting great suspension, a big windshield, a passenger seat, a well-functioning GPS, and more!

3. Ski-Doo Freeride 850 E-Tec 165

If you’re looking for a spunky single-rider that packs a powerful punch, this could be the snowmobile for you! Perfect for backcountry riders, its power can get you through any snowdrift and the aggressive engine can take you anywhere on the mountain.

Even though this is a powerful machine, it still has great handling! Many beefy snowmobiles neglect the ability to navigate quick turns or have terrible radiuses, but that’s not the case with the Freeride. Just like the name, you’ll feel free as a bird driving it and won’t have to worry about these issues. The Ski-Doo boasts shocks, high-quality suspension, easy throttle control, and a track width that handles like a dream wherever you drive it.

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4. Polaris 800 Switchback

This snowmobile is great for both on and off-trail riding, flat and angled riding, and tough and easy riding. Its versatility is one of its greatest features, and it bridges that gap between many other models!

This lively vehicle will give you that speedy boost of power to get over any random bumps, steep hills, or jumps. But don’t worry, these bursts of power don’t affect a more relaxed and easy-going ride. This model doesn’t trade power for control, as it is also praised for its amazing handling.

Known for its stability and traction at even the highest of speeds, this crossover vehicle will give you the benefits of flat-riding and backcountry sledding.

The speed, handling, traction, and boosts of power make this snowmobile awesome for all different types of rides and riders.

5. 2011 Arctic Cat Crossfire 8

Just like the name suggests, this crossover model is great in all types of conditions and trails. The track is made with incredible traction, designed for both soft powder and heavy snow. The snowmobile also boasts a design made for extreme off-trail conditions, as well as groomed and refined trails.

The powerful engine is also very responsive, especially when you need it during those off-trail rides! But those boosts of power do not come at the expense of other features. This sled also has incredible suspension, even in extreme conditions.

The storage capacity under the seat is another added plus, especially for longer adventures. There’s plenty of room for all the necessities, like rope, bottles of water, oil, and so on.

Things to remember

When researching and purchasing any used snowmobile, it’s important to keep a few things in the back of your mind.

Be realistic about what you need

  • Not every vehicle is going to fall within your budget. Many newer sleds are likely going to be priced higher than some older models, but if you’re only looking for a fun new hobby, you probably don’t need the newest features.

Go with a reputable brand

  • All of the snowmobiles we’ve looked at above are well-known and dependable. It might be worth sticking with one of these brands, especially if you’re new to the sledding scene and don’t know the more specific details of each vehicle.

Look for something with a warranty

  • Though this isn’t always an option, it can definitely be a life-saver! It’s important to keep in mind that some used sleds have been worn into the ground and touched up just for sale. But for you, the buyer, durability, and longevity are still pretty important! Keep an eye out for some newer models.

Consider the seller

  • Don’t forget to take into consideration who you’re buying from! Is it a company? Or a private seller? Either way, try to avoid any sketchy or too-good-to-be-true deals.
  • Take a look at the sled in person! Inspect all aspects of it, from cleanliness to maintenance.
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