5 Best Rattan Sofa Dining Sets For 2021

It’s been said that fashion is a cycle, and interior design seems to be following the same pattern. While there are so many modern and futuristic home designs making waves today, there are still older and vintage styles making their way back. The great thing about this is that designers and home interior enthusiasts could always experiment with or mix and match themes and pieces to create their unique style.

One of the unique materials and styles that are making a comeback is rattan furniture. This was famous in the ’70s, but it’s become one of the most desired and best-selling furniture today. Whether you’re looking for luxury garden furniture, a sitting area set, or a complete dining set, rattan is flexible enough to be made for various furniture.

There’s no doubt that dining sets are some of the most popular pieces to get if you’re new to rattan. And even though they’re eye-catching and unique pieces of furniture, the difficulties lie in shopping because there are many dining sets to choose from. That said, here are some of the best choices to make your rattan furniture shopping more manageable:

1. Rattan Sofa Corner Dining Set

One of the standard designs for this time of furniture is the corner dining set. These perfectly fit the corner of a home, your garden, or even your porch. So if you have limited space, you could easily push it up to the walls. If you plan to put it outside, it’ll make a great sitting and dining area for you and your guests.

2. Round Rattan Dining Set

Because rattan is such a versatile material, dining sets could be made with more curvature. Round tables such as the Deluxe Barcelona Lounge set from Garden Centre Shopping or many other rattan furniture sets from retailers are exceptional choices. This is because they look elegant, and they’re easier to balance.

For instance, even if you have an odd number of dining chairs, it can still look balanced. On the other hand, it’s impossible to do this for square or rectangular dining sets. And smaller round tables could be used to build a bistro set in your garden or balcony.

“Deluxe Barcelona Lounge set from Garden Centre”

3. Oval Rattan Dining Set

If you think round dining tables might not fit the space properly, going for oval-shaped ones might do the trick. You could still get the elegant curved design but also the length benefits of rectangular tables.

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This is great for the main dining table because of how grand it could look, especially with suitable dining chairs. So if you have a large dining hall, you might want to place a large oval rattan dining set in the middle, add a neutral carpet, some art, and the perfect lighting fixture, to complete the design.

4. Compact Rattan Sofa Dining Set

Not everyone has the space for large dining tables and chairs. But you might still want to achieve a bohemian home despite limitations with space. It’s a good thing that bohemian is excellent even for tight spaces. Besides, there are also compact rattan dining sets that you could squeeze into your home. You could still get the tropical vibe from the material and still manage your space correctly.

5. Synthetic Rattan Garden Sofa Dining Set

The truth is, rattan furniture can be expensive. But if they’re made correctly from high-quality materials, they’re worth the splurge. However, if you don’t want to spend that much money on your garden dining set, you could opt for synthetic ones.

These could be made from plastic or other alternative materials so that they can be more affordable. And because it’s for the outdoors, it’s a great idea to choose synthetic rattan instead. Even if genuine rattan is tough and could be treated to handle water, it’s still prone to damage if used as garden furniture. And being so expensive, it seems wasteful to just let it get ruined outdoors.

If you’re worried about design and if it looks anything like rattan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Materials like plastic can be dyed and molded to mimic different rattan designs. This way, you could still get a square or round table and even perfectly matching seats.


No matter how many years pass and how modern and advanced design becomes, there’s still a market for classic materials such as rattan. It has its unique charm that can convert any space and add a bohemian or tropical flare. For rattan dining sets, it can add a unique character to your interior design. However, it also makes dining feel so special, especially when you’re eating at home or in the garden with your friends and family.

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