5 Benefits of Wrought Iron Railings for Residential and Commercial Buildings

The amazing material wrought iron is used for a variety of things, including bed frames, curtain rods, gates, and outdoor fencing. Wrought iron rails on customized staircases are particularly well-liked due to how effectively they contrast with wood, stone, and other metals.

Due to its flexibility, while yet being strong, most companies that offer home furniture products excel at creating wrought iron railings for both interior and exterior applications. It is made of pure iron and, compared to cast iron, has a much lower carbon content.

The main goal of a handrail system, like that of any stairway, is safety. A wrought iron railing system has a remarkable aesthetic appeal and is built with meticulous, accurate measuring and high-quality construction. Some components of our wrought iron fences are as follows:

  • durability, compliance with all safety regulations
  • having the ability to support weight against the railing at any angle
  • compliance with horizontal and vertical spacing requirements

Considering all that, here are five reasons why a staircase with a wrought iron railing is a wonderful option for your customized staircase.

1. Longevity (stands through the test of time) is one of its biggest advantages.

Wrought iron is very light and contains rust-free properties. Railings made out of wrought iron are very flexible – they can bend but they will never break. This is because of the high amount of carbon present in this material. Most wrought iron may be powder coated. Doing this helps protect the railing from corrosion and other harmful elements, especially those that are placed in open areas. However, regardless of where it is placed, railings, gates, fences, and other things made out of wrought iron are sure to last for decades. The advantage of those that are placed indoors is they can last a lifetime.

2. Wrought iron is very durable (high-level tensile strength).

Compared to aluminum and other types of raw materials, wrought iron can endure far more stress. A wrought iron’s tensile strength ranges from 240 to 350 MPa. This makes this material an excellent choice if you want a tough and durable gate, fences, and railings that will withstand the extreme weight. Some of the most popular architectural tourist attractions are made out of wrought iron. This includes the Eiffel Tower. With that being said, it is safe to say that wrought iron is a safe and brilliant material to make custom metal rails and any other home and building construction.

3. The material doesn’t require too much maintenance.

While most wrought-iron railings last for a very long time, this doesn’t mean that you can just disregard them after they are installed. Of course, they would need maintenance if you want them to look beautiful even after a couple of years. This is especially true for wrought-iron railings for exterior stairs as they are usually exposed to different types of harmful elements. If you’re in search of decor material that does not require too much effort in cleaning, worry no more because wrought iron is the one you need. Remove dust and other pollutants easily by using a rag wet with a soap and water solution. Also, look for early signs of metal corrosion. When you spot them, clean the railings and coat them again. Doing this should make them look good as new.

4. All in all, it is great in value.

High tensile strength, ductility, shape retention, and ease in welding are just some of the most admirable characteristics of wrought iron.

On top of all that, this material requires little maintenance and rusts slower than other types of metals. These and other factors demonstrate that wrought iron is a very popular building material for both residential and commercial structures. It maintains its shape and raises the value of any building construction. Any fence, porch, or gate can be complemented by exterior wrought iron railings. Purchasing a wrought iron staircase railing (or anything else made out of wrought iron) for your all-new residence, building, or business venture is undoubtedly a profitable investment.

5. You can customize anything when you use wrought iron.

When subjected to high temperatures, wrought iron is incredibly flexible. With that in mind, it is easy to say that the material may be easily shaped in an infinite number of forms and styles. For instance, wrought iron can be formed into a variety of shapes—including long, thin strings—by being bent, hammered, stretched, and  rolled. Thanks to the material’s tremendous elasticity, it can be formed into almost anything you put your mind to. Create staircases at home or in the office a work of art with the help of wrought iron.


Every wrought iron railing is specifically crafted to match the staircase. Most designs  come in a wide variety of classic and modern patterns, ranging from simple to complex. But one thing is sure, most railing-making companies  still follow a straightforward process: design, fabricate, finish, and install.

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