5 Benefits of Choosing Turf for Pet Owners

Pets are a part of the family. Bringing them into our homes means we want to make sure they have everything they need. This includes some type of flooring for their living and playing space that’s easy to clean and maintain, especially if they’re indoor-outdoor pets. Turf is a great option because it’s easy to maintain, resistant to pests, and can be installed in a variety of locations.

It offers many benefits that pet owners will enjoy, including reduced maintenance, a natural look, and a safer surface. Let’s take a closer look at these five benefits:

Playtime is Safe and Healthy on Artificial Grass

According to the ASPCA, more than 15 million people in America have a pet dog. It’s estimated that 75% of those dogs will spend time outdoors on any given day, and at least 50% of them will be playing on or near grass. That’s why pet owners need to ensure their pets have the correct surface for pets to play on. The good thing is that turf is a great option for pet playtime.

Artificial grass or turf has little risk of injury from sharp objects such as blades of grass or sticks, which can be dangerous for some pets. Turf provides a soft surface with no need to worry about injuries caused by protruding objects in the ground. It’s designed to be easy on paws, so pets can play without picking up burrs or other debris. Artificial grass is also the safest surface for dogs that like to dig because it’s soft and durable.

Natural turf requires constant filling with dirt when there are holes dug into it, but artificial grass does not suffer from this problem as often. And if you’re worried about your pet digging in the dirt too much, just remember that bacteria levels increase during wet weather conditions such as rainstorms—not something you want your pets playing around in.

Turf provides a great option for dog owners who do not have yards of their own where they can let their dogs run free at home. Artificial grass is also ideal for pet owners who have allergies to dog dander, as it does not create allergens as natural turf can.

No More Mud

Mud can be challenging to clean up after dogs have been running around all day outside playing fetch, digging holes, or just playing around. You have to clean up a muddy mess on the carpet, couch, or any other place your dog’s paws can touch. Turf is one of the most innovative ways to prevent mud from happening in your yard and indoors because you don’t need to worry about mud anywhere inside or out.

The artificial grass itself has been engineered so it does not produce dirt when walked on, unlike traditional lawns, which are made of soil that will eventually turn into dust if they’re left untouched for weeks at a time. With a stress-free surface for your pets to play on, there are no more muddy messes. It means your pets can run freely across an even surface without slipping and falling risks like they would with natural turf outside or unnatural synthetic flooring inside.

Turf is Easier to Maintain and Clean

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is easier to maintain and clean. Turf has a low-maintenance design that includes anti-microbial protection, which helps reduce odor, mold, and mildew problems associated with natural grass. Plus, it never needs fertilization, so there’s less mess from fertilizer runoff and less time spent on lawn care maintenance duties such as weeding and trimming.

Artificial turf is typically maintenance-free, so pet owners can focus on more important things like playing with their pets and not worry about the lawn.

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  • Turf doesn’t need water or fertilizer
  • It’s cheaper than natural grass – artificial turf costs less than a traditional yard full of ground covers and landscaping plants
  • The upkeep of an artificial lawn does not change from season to season because it requires no work in the winter months and minimal care during the summer
  • Cleaning is easy – just a simple hose will do the trick
  • Artificial turf is more comfortable to walk on

A common misconception about artificial lawns is that they are too hard and uncomfortable. This isn’t true because manufacturers have made sure that their products are easy-to-walk surfaces with improved cushioning, making for an even better outdoor living experience than before for everyone, including your pets.

Turf Can be Installed in Any Size, Shape, or Design You Like

Another benefit of artificial turf is the fact that it can be easily installed in nearly any size, shape, and design you desire when you’re doing your backyard renovations. Artificial turf can be installed as a small rectangular playing surface for your pets and children to enjoy, or it can cover an entire backyard with one seamless surface. This versatility is what makes artificial grass such a popular choice among pet owners.

It makes it easy to build the perfect space for your pets and family to enjoy. Whatever space you have in mind, turf is a perfect choice. The space you want to install turf can be as big or small as you need it to be, and artificial grass is available in a variety of different colors and shades, so if you want something that matches your home’s decor, there are many options for this too.

Turf is More sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Usable All Year

Turf is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly material than traditional pet potty pads. The process of manufacturing turf can use up to 95% less water, 98% less power, emits up to 97% fewer greenhouse gases, and takes very little time versus days or weeks for production. Turf is an absorbent material underfoot and can be used all year round to reduce the amount of water that needs to be flushed by as much as 98%, so it should always be a part of your plans to make your spaces more sustainable.

It’s a great choice for pet owners who care about sustainability and the environment. With turf, there are no worries of the ground ever freezing over if you live in an area with cold winters. You can even add a patio heater to make playtime warmer for your pup.

The surface is usable all year round and will save you money over time because there are no ongoing costs. Your pets will love the new surface. In fact, many pet owners who have converted to turf are seeing improved quality of life for their pets.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, choosing turf as a pet owner has many benefits. It is an affordable way to give your pet the space he or she needs without having to worry about repairing damages from chewing, clawing, or digging. Turf can be used as protection for pets on cold, rainy days, and it also provides year-round outdoor exposure that’s free of pesky insects like fleas.

Turf never succumbs to mold and other fungi since there are no moist surfaces in contact with dirt ground below, allowing you to enjoy time outside together while minimizing chances of illness transfer between people and pets. Turf looks much better than muddy patches on our lawns too. With all these great benefits of choosing turf for your four-legged family members, you should be able to see how much easier it will be to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Carolyn Mitchell is a pet enthusiast, avid blogger, and regular contributor at FusionTurf. She shares her passion and knowledge of the animal world while providing tips on pet care, training advice, as well as activities she believes will help better their lives. Carolyn was born in Jacksonville, Florida but currently resides in Denver, Colorado, with her two dogs Riot & River.

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