4 Window Designs to Consider for Extra Value When Building Your Home

A home is a significant asset, one that owners would do well to protect. Home renovation projects are a popular way to boost the market value of a property, but not every project may be able to deliver the return of investment homeowners are seeking. Replacing, repairing or upgrading to a better window design is a great way to add a little extra value when building a new home or renovating an existing property.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow window designs make for a dramatic addition to an interior environment. Superior natural lighting and the bigger sense of space these windows are able to provide make them ideal for living and dining areas as well as bedrooms. Swapping out a conventional window for a bay or bow design is an option that homeowners would do well to consider.

Photo by Gensburg Toniolo Harting Architects

Storm Windows

The wrong windows can make maintaining a comfortable interior temperature far more difficult. Exterior and interior storm windows work to promote more efficient heating and cooling by minimizing unwanted heat transfer. Windows that use double panes, solar screens and other design elements to create a more energy-efficient household can be very beneficial when it comes to assessing property values.

Photo by SP Custom Carpentry and Windows

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Double Hung Windows

The ventilation provided by an open window can often make quite a difference. A double-hung window design offers greater versatility. Being able to open the window from either the top or bottom can allow for superior cooling and the means to more easily maintain and control the interior environment.

Photo by Pella Windows and Doors

Window Replacement

Damaged windows and installations that may be showing visible signs of wear can become a real eyesore. Even windows that are still in relatively good shape may negatively impact property values should they fail to provide the right aesthetic. Replacing windows that are are damaged, unable to seal properly or that may simply be too dated to work with the home’s existing or planned aesthetic helps to boost curb appeal and optimize property value.

Photo by Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Adding a little extra value to a property can be an important concern when building a home. New window installations can go a long way towards beautifying an existing home or ensuring that a newly-constructed residence is able to look its best. Widows designs that are more stylish or that provide superior energy-efficiency can be an ideal upgrade for boosting the market value of a new home.

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