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4 Ways You Can Use Leftover Sheet Metal in Home Projects

If you’ve used sheet metal for a home project, you may be wondering what you should do with the leftover pieces. Instead of discarding them, you can use your leftover sheet metal pieces for a variety of creative home projects to make your life easier. Here are four clever ways to use sheet metal in home projects.


Leftover sheet metal often works great for creating different storage spaces around a home, which can make organizing many of your belongings much easier. Thick sheets of metal can be cut and used as shelving so that you’ll have additional areas along walls to keep many of your smaller possessions. If you have a lot of extra clothes that you need space for, you can turn some of your leftover sheet metal into coat hangers that can be placed inside closets.

Photo by Kustom Home Design


If you’re looking to add some new décor pieces to your home’s interior, sheet metal can often be crafted into unique decorative items that can give any living space some extra appeal. Sheet metal works well for picture frames that are perfect for displaying special photographs and paintings. If you’re really creative, you can try using sheet metal to make a unique chandelier by cutting the pieces into intricate shapes. Custom metal fabrication services can also help you create the perfect décor items for your home using your leftover sheet metal.

Photo by Great Neighborhood Homes

Outdoor Installations

In addition to redecorating the inside of your home, you can craft many outdoor installations from sheet metal. New bird houses and water fountains can be made entirely from sheet metal. Leftover pieces often come in handy as bases for sculptures. You might even be able to use sheet metal in certain parts of an outdoor bench that’s made by hand.

Photo by Entanglements

Wall Siding

Some of the walls in your home may look better when you cover them with sheet metal siding. Stainless steel is often one of the most reliable and attractive options and can also be used as backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms to keep walls protected. Another great quality of sheet metal is that it’s resistant to corrosion, which means that you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing it anytime soon.

Photo by Michael Knowles, Architect

Finding ways to repurpose leftover sheet metal can help reduce waste while enhancing your home. Whether you want to use sheet metal for decorative or practical purposes, there are numerous possibilities that allow you to utilize leftover sheet metal to your advantage.

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