4 Ways to Improve Your Front Yard for Beauty and Privacy

The entryway to your home is often the first space visitors see. It should be inviting, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing. If you live on a busy street and find your front yard to be constantly full of traffic or people going in and out of your property while enjoying your outdoor space, consider these four ways to improve the aesthetics of your entryway for beauty and privacy.


A simple way to improve the aesthetic of your front yard is with softscaping. This involves adding plants and ground covers that are low maintenance but pleasing to the eye. When designing a softscape, avoid using plant materials that have strong shapes, such as large leaves or very upright stems. Instead, look for plants with subtle textures and colors, like coral bells or yarrow. You can also use textured mulches like shredded bark or moss to add depth and visual interest without interfering with the traffic flow in your entryway.

Photo by Executive Landscape

Install Security Doors

One of the first things most people notice when they pull into your driveway is the front door. When you install security doors, it will make your home much more protected and private. This door type is made of steel and has a handle but no doorknob. The keypad on the outside of the door converts touch access to key fob access for security purposes. You can also choose an infrared motion detector that uses light to detect motion in front of the house and will activate an alarm if there is any suspicious activity at all.

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Paver Patio or Path

Simple, low maintenance, and attractive. Paver pavers are created of crushed stone and can be installed in most conditions. If you choose to install a paver patio or path in your front yard, keep it simple with granite-like pavers that will not wear down quickly over time. The goal is to avoid the slick concrete look some homeowners opt for. This will give you a lower maintenance walkway that is low maintenance and will remain attractive and have low upkeep.

Photo by JPM Landscape

Enhance the Entryway With Lighting

Brighten your entryway with warm white light bulbs for better vision after nightfall. Lighting is a great way to illuminate the walkway into your home beautifully. You can also use lighting to create a sense of security and add to the decorative quality of the design around your home. This can be achieved with more than one light fixture to create a more dramatic effect.

Photo by Elegant Custom Images

As you improve your front yard, add these four tips for beauty, privacy, safety, and security so that all visitors will feel welcomed and comfortable. This will help visitors feel welcome while also keeping intruders away.

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