4 Ways to Give Your Home’s Exterior a Personal Touch

If you’re tired of living in a dull home, you can spruce things up and add more excitement to your living space by enhancing your home’s exterior. There are many improvements that can be made to give your home more personality and get more positive attention from the neighbors. Here are four ways to improve your home’s exterior and give it a personal touch.

Add New Paint

Simply repainting your home can do wonders for your exterior and help breathe new life into your entire home setting. An olive green paint color can give your home a visually appealing look and help it blend in more with nature. Even though gray may seem dull at first, the color could give your home some added sophistication. If your home has a white trim, a chalky blue paint color for the rest of your exterior can look especially stunning.

Photo by Canton Custom Homes

Replace Old Doors

The doors to your home may be outdated or damaged and could be taking away from your home’s exterior appearance. Many of today’s best replacement doors on the market are designed with beautiful designs and come in different color choices that coincide well with all types of houses. Getting your doors replaced can also increase your home’s security and promote better insulation so that indoor temperatures can be regulated better.

Photo by O’Connor Brehm Design-Build

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Give Your Driveway Some Color

The pavement on your driveway doesn’t have to be a standard gray color. There are different colors of concrete that could look great for your driveway, and the best color choice can give your home the right touch of personality. Light shades of red and other colors may look great on your driveway, and you can even try using multiple colors for some additional flare. Oxides can be mixed in with the concrete to make the colors even more stunning.

Photo by Van Zelst Inc

Install Visually Appealing Outdoor Light Fixtures

In addition to making visibility easier at night, the right outdoor light fixtures can help personalize your home more. Hanging lantern-style light fixtures over the front and back entranceways might look especially great for your exterior. Flood lights that are installed high above your garage door can provide ample lighting while giving your garage door and driveway an attractive glow. You can also show more personality by installing lamp post lights near the entrance of your driveway and along your walkways.

Photo by Stonewood, LLC

You can turn your home from drab to fab by making a few simple modifications to the exterior. These modifications can give your home the personality that it deserves to have.

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