4 Ways to Give Greater Decorative Appeal to Your Kitchen Walls

Are your kitchen walls covered with a shade of harvest gold and adorned with a giant fork and spoon or still sporting that same white primer that was there when you moved in? Whether your kitchen is outdated or just plain drab, sprucing up your walls can give it new life and make cooking enjoyable again. From luxurious tiles to practical open shelving, here are four ways to give greater decorative appeal to your kitchen walls.

Add an Accent Wall

Turn an awkward or unused wall into an asset by giving it a bold look. Use chalkboard paint to create a space for shopping lists and children’s artwork or add wood paneling for a cozy farmhouse feel. Are you decorating on a budget? Print and cut out paper stencils to jazz up boring paint and disguise wear and tear with fun designs.

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Install a Tile Backsplash

A tile backsplash not only elevates the look of your kitchen but also protects your walls from water damage. You can find wall tile in a wide variety of designs from minimalist to ornate. Intersperse hand-painted accent tiles every few inches or create a mosaic from different pieces of tile. If you want a seamless look, consider matching your wall tile to your countertops.

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Display Cookware and Dishes

Do you frequently cook with shiny copper cookware or have a nice set of plates that only come out for holidays? Add decorative appeal to your kitchen walls and free up cabinet space at the same time by hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling rack or displaying your favorite china on easels or hanging plate stands. You can also get a great deal on vintage pieces that are too damaged to use but still look pretty.

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Open Up Storage

You can never have too much kitchen storage, so take advantage of unused wall space by installing open shelves. Kitchen shelves are an affordable and attractive way to keep your frequently used tools and accessories close at hand. Make sure your shelves are securely installed and attached to wall studs so your favorite kitchen gadgets don’t take a nosedive.

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However you choose to add decorative appeal to your kitchen, remember that a beautiful kitchen makes it more enjoyable to gather for cooking and eating meals. Family meals are associated with many benefits from better academic performance to lower obesity rates, so think of improving your kitchen’s aesthetic as an investment in your family’s health.

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