4 Ways to Dress Up Your Windows During the Winter

The wintertime can cause you and your family to spend more time at home. While you’re there, you may notice that your windows could do with some necessary upgrading. Here are four ways that you can dress up your windows this winter to ensure that your home looks cozy throughout the holiday season.


If you don’t feel like having blinds in your window or you just want to have the ease of how much of the outside you block out, curtains are a great option. You can employ the use of various types of curtains. Some examples include pleated drapes, grommet curtains, valances, and tab top curtains. You’ll be sure to find a style and color that best fits the existing decor in your home.

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One great way to close up the windows in the evening hours is to install shutters. These can help you to feel more secure when it’s dark in the early evening hours. There are various types of shutters that you can use. Some examples include plantation shutters, roller shutters, and studio shutters. These come in a variety of colors and materials, wood being the most popular.

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If you don’t like the style of shutters, you may want to opt for just a traditional blind to dress up your windows for the winter. You can opt for the simple white blind that comes with a pull-string or you can upgrade to blackout blinds if you want to. The options are truly endless as there are tons of different styles, colors, and designs. We’re sure you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs and taste. Don’t be afraid to change up the blinds depending on what room you’re working in. The living room maybe some traditional white blinds while your bedroom may sport some blackout blinds.

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Use Stickies

We’re sure that you’ve seen those window stickies which are in the shape of the holiday characters, trees, and so forth. You can dress up your windows by putting some of these window stickies on your windows. These come in various types of materials and endless amounts of designs. They’ll be a surefire way to remind you of the spirit of the holiday season every time you pass your window.

Dressing up your home for the winter shouldn’t stop at the outside decor. Rather, you can dress up the windows throughout your home as well. The above are just four easy suggestions that can help you to dress up the windows in your home this holiday season.

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