4 Ways to Cover Your Window to Block Sun’s Heat and UV Rays

We need window very importantly as these are essential architectural and aesthetic element of any house design, but, sometimes it’s a challenging to block the heat coming through them in hot summer days. Therefore, we look for some of the modern window treatments as the proper window treatments can save us up to 25% in heating and cooling bills. We’ve listed below four most popular window dressings that will keep the heat and UV rays out of your house this summer and reduce your energy bills too.


Window awnings can reduce the temperature from 65-80% during summer. Usually, awnings are designed to cover the window, but custom-designed awnings are also built to shelter entire side of your house. Earlier, metal and canvas were the only materials used to manufacture awnings, which required coating and maintenance of material every 4-6 years. However, today, synthetic fabrics are used to manufacture awnings. According to homedecoradvisor.net, acrylic and polyvinyl laminates are water-repellant and improved to have high fastness against mildew and fading, which increase the life of awnings by many years. The opaque, tightly woven and light-colored fabric dispel the sunlight more effectively, so these are the important characteristics while selecting the fabric.


Window Film:

Heat reducing window film can protect from up to 80% heat and UV transference. You can apply it yourself to save the cost or hire any professional installer. The good thing about buying a professionally installed product is that the vendor also provides the entire relevant information, like how much energy it will save and the estimated payback time.

The installation cost may be high, but if the product saves you up to 25% in energy bills, it will pay you back just within 3-4 months.  The feature that makes window films a better choice than blinds, shades and draperies is that it doest not change the look of window. The window remains naked and gives you the same view through it without any glare.

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Blinds and Shades:

Blinds and shades resist the heat loss up to 4-5 times as honeycomb and pleated blinds are used inside the window frame. When combined with reflective backing or blackout lining, these are more efficient in reducing the heat transfer. Always, buy blinds and shades direct from the manufacturer and look for different vendors, like try out this place, to negotiate a better price.

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Blackout Fabric:

Do you want to block sunlight up to 100%? Then, you should go for the high-quality blackout fabrics and linings, which fully block the light and heat of blazing sunshine. The advancements in the manufacturing process of drapery lining have reduced the cost and made it better softer-dropping product. These are manufactured in the form of panels, which can be installed to the back of drapery.


Final Words:

Window dressings are not just aesthetic addition to our houses, but they also save a lot in energy bills. Therefore, the right selection of window dressings is critical in reducing the heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.


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