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4 Ways On How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets

When it comes to sleeping well and ensuring that you have a quality night of rest, then it all boils down to what you invest in for your bedroom, namely the place you sleep on! Through using premium bed sheets suitable for you, there’s no need to worry about taking too long to sleep or having to suffer from discomfort while drifting off to dreamland! But the question is: How can you choose the absolute best sheets?

Read on as I show you some helpful tips on selecting the right bed sheets!

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How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets

Here are four main factors to consider when choosing bed sheets:


Cotton is one of the most popular types of fabric out there, which can trap heat while letting cool air pass. It’s perfect for any type of season. Pima, Sea Island, and Egyptian cotton are the gold standard, which is soft and silky.

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Bamboo blends are mixed with cotton or other materials, which is sustainable, antimicrobial, and also very comfortable! The best bamboo sheets are also stronger and durable, plus environment-friendly!

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Linen sheets are best for hotter climates as they would wick away heat. But you’ll have to do daily ironing, as it wrinkles easily and may feel slippery or too hot. But with that being said, they look and feel luxurious and romantic!

Thread Count

There is always a buzz on the thread count, with people saying that the higher the count, the better it will be. While high thread counts can result in increased comfort, you don’t need to have 1,000-count sheets to feel cozy. I recommend that you get 400 to 450-count sheets, as the extra thread count won’t make too much of a difference to justify how much you paid for it. There are times that higher-count sheets would feel stiff because of all those fibers jammed together!

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Also, take note that a lower thread-count sheet made of fibers are usually softer, like when using Egyptian cotton, which would feel silky!


There are two basic types of weaves, which are:


Percale sheets have the same number of woven threads that run horizontally and vertically. They are combed and tightly woven, with a slightly crisp and cool feel. These types of weaves are also strong and durable, which can withstand many washes, even when using hot water! I recommend that you get Percale weaves with a thread count between 200 to 400 for lightweight sheets, or opt to get one between 400 to 600 if you prefer something heavier.

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Sateen is not satin (which is fabric and not weaves). These types of weaves have more threads that run vertically compared to horizontally. As a result, it creates a fabric with a slight sheen and the soft, silky feel everyone would appreciate. But, they are more delicate compared to Percale weaves, so they would most likely pull or tear when washed. But if you want something silky and have the ultimate comfort, this is an amazing choice. I recommend getting one with a thread count between 300 to 600 for both strength and softness.

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Pattern, Size, and Seasonality

Of course, you have to make sure that your bed sheets have a cool pattern that matches your room’s design. After all, your sheets will also play with the way your room looks. While I prefer cool and dark colors to make it look relaxing for sleeping, various scales of patterns of the same color will work for families and is a great way to begin experimenting with prints.

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Consider the size of your sheets as well. You’ll want it a bit bigger than your bed just in case it shrinks, as even the best bamboo sheets tend to get smaller after a few washes. And finally, consider the sheet set you use, based on the season. Some people opt to purchase multiple sheet sets to suit their style and weather for the season, though this really depends on how you like changing things up. For me, I would stick with summer sheets and simply throw in a blanket, coverlet, and throw to have it look perfect for fall and winter.

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Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Through making sure that you invest in the right products for your bedroom, you won’t only have a stylish place to sleep in, but a comfortable one to help with your health as well!

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I hope that this article on choosing the best bed sheets helped you find out what you need for your home and sleeping habits. So don’t wait any longer and let utilize these tips today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your pieces of advice on revamping your bedroom to make it conducive to sleep, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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