4 Upgrades to Boost Your Home From Lacking to Luxurious

People make upgrades to their homes for a number of reasons, including to sell it: This allows them to sell their home for a higher price. Many wonder what kind of upgrades they should do. Maybe this is the situation you find yourself in. While redoing the kitchen or changing the front door may offer you an excellent ROI for your money, these are not the only worthy remodeling projects you can undertake. The following four renovation projects will give your home a more luxurious air and add to its curb appeal and resale value immensely.

A Pool

If you live in someplace, like California, Florida or anywhere in the Southwest, then adding a pool to your backyard can increase the value of your home by up to 25%. Aside from this, having a pool in your backyard will do wonders for your family’s spirits, too, especially when the sun starts to get hot in the late spring-early summer.

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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades do more than just make your stairway look beautiful and classy. They visually open up your space, making it appear larger. This sense of openness appeals to many homebuyers nowadays, who tend to gravitate toward open floor plans. Glass balustrades keep sight lines open and add a chic, modern look to any space, which is an easy way to update a room.

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Stone Statues

Your front yard is the first thing that homebuyers will see when they arrive at your home. Stunning landscaping, which could include several stone statues, gives your home an air of sophistication and hearkens back to the public parks of Europe: Such statues fill these open spaces. As for you, they allow you to add a fine art element to your landscaping and to express your decorating style in a tasteful way.

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Arching Windows

These days, luxury home improvement contractors in NJ get plenty of requests for arched windows, particularly when they’re called upon to do upgrades on classic homes. If you don’t have arched windows, but would like to add some, consider adding them to your living room or look elegant as a decorative element to your home’s upper floors. This puts them in place view from the street, which also adds to your home’s curb appeal.

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If you’re starting to feel a little ho-hum about your home, or if you plan on putting it on the market any time soon, adding some luxury upgrades can help. From a personal standpoint, these additions make living in your home much more enjoyable. From a sales standpoint, these upgrades can boost your home’s ROI a great deal and can even help your home to sell a lot faster.

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