4 Unique Landscaping Options for a Desert Home

Landscaping is an essential part of any home. It’s what invites in visitors and it’s what helps to raise the resale value of your home. If you live in the desert, here are four unique landscaping options that can ensure your home looks amazing.

Spruce Up The Cacti

If you’re a fan of cacti and you desire a low-maintenance landscape, then this option is going to be for you. The best part is that your desert sand will provide the perfect growing material for your cacti plants. You’ll want to get different variations of this plant so that you can alter the look of your landscape. A few different types include prickly pear, totem pole, organ pipe, cholla, and barrel cacti.

Photo by Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

Consider Wood Or Composite Boardwalks

When most people think of sand, they immediately think about the beach. Boardwalks are the most common way to get across the sand at some of the most popular beaches. You can be using this same concept in your home landscaping design. Consider using traditional wood varieties or composite landscape supplies to construct pathways around your home. Remember they don’t have to be completely straight either. You can have paths that contour to your landscaping components to give a more unique look.

Photo by Céladon Designs, Inc.

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Utilize Stones

When it comes to your landscape, stones can help create a layer of depth and change up the bland color of the sand. You really do have your pick of stone sizes and each holds its own place in various landscapes. If you’re going for the full-on desert look with an abundance of cacti, you may want to opt for larger stones and boulders that can accent the plants. If you’re using more succulents, you may want to use round pebble stones of varying colors to offset them.

Photo by Gravel and Green

Introduce Succulents

Another great low maintenance plant that can thrive in the desert environment is the succulent. These are great for adding both texture and color to your landscape. A few good succulents to include in your landscape include queen victoria agave, living stone, burro’s tail, and paddle plants. These work perfectly either planted in the ground or in landscaping features like boxes, pots, and fountains.

Photo by Gardens by Gabriel, Inc.

Desert homes may get a bad wrap as a tough place to landscape. However, there are so many landscaping ideas that you can integrate right into the existing landscape that can blow your breath away. The above are four great options that can get you started on designing the desert landscape of your dreams.

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