4 Types of Showers to Research Before Doing Your Bathroom Renovation

Remodeling your home can be stressful, but savvy homeowners know that redoing the kitchen and bathrooms in an outdated house can really bring value to a home. And the small details of those renovations can mean a big difference when it comes to getting back your money or enjoying your home. Before planning your bathroom renovation, consider some of the shower types below.

Manual or Thermostatic Shower

Manual showers are the most common type of shower handle: one side hot, one side cold. But thermostatic showers take away the ‘safecracking’ that is needed to find the right temperature. Simply set the shower to the desired temperature, and the water will always be perfect. Thermostatic showers can be found in either traditional setups or electric models. For those not able to connect to hot water, electric showers contain a heating element to make sure the water is comfortable when it comes out. You might even want to consider adding a steam shower element to your shower. This will work best if you have shower doors and enough space in your bathroom.

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Enclosure Shape of the Shower

The shape of the shower comes down to the positioning in the room. Showers in the corner can be triangular, rounded, or have a diamond-faceted shape. Those in the center of rooms can either be rectangular or rounded. Really, when planning it is best to speak to professional bathroom remodelers to make sure the space of your bathroom is being used in the best way possible.

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Shower Door Types

Shower doors can be an important statement after the shape of the shower. Sliding doors are always a popular option as they require the least amount of room. However, many newer showers have hinged doors opening to the exterior of the bathroom. Last are those showers designed with a half-wall or no door. And while this option provides the least protection, it does make a statement. Always remember your bathroom floor plan and the amount of space you have to work with as you choose your type of door.  If you have limited space, you might want to consider a shower that just needs a curtain. This can allow your shower to double as a bathtub as well.

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Rain Shower, Body Showers, and Waterfall Showers

Architectural Digest raves about non-traditional shower types. Rain showers are those positioned directly above the user that ‘rain’ down a shower overhead, body showers have included sprayers for a spa-like experience to rinse and reinvigorate the body, and waterfall showers provide a steady stream of warm water to get lost in. If you’re hoping to make your bathroom feel like a retreat or getaway, consider choosing one of these types of showers.

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As said above, it is best to speak with professional remodelers when planning your big bathroom makeover. Knowing how to best use the space is their job, and they can design the shower of your dreams. For something you will use nearly every day, it is a great investment for your home.

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