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4 Travel Tips To Make Your Awesome Solo Trip Awesome

Traveling invites experience in our life. I highly urge people to travel internationally and expand their horizon. It allows you to create memories, meet new interesting people, see the world and experience life more than the confined space of your own country. It may sound like utter fun, but traveling internationally is totally different when you do it solo.

Since 2015, solo travel is gaining its foothold in the tourism trend. People don’t see the world as a scary and labyrinth-like garden anymore, rather it’s a place where real life experience actually happen. Our of the comfort of their town, or the streets they walk to school is what drives travelers to go solo – real life experience. And in addition, it is truly liberating.

You can go out on your own. You have no one to follow. You rely on yourself. Most importantly you decide whatever you want to do whenever you like to. Sounds awesome, right?

If you are contemplating going solo, then here are some good tips.

Explore The Neighborhood

Once you land and get settled in your accommodation just freshen up for a little and make the most of your time by exploring the streets and nearby neighborhood in your area. This will give you time to adjust to your new surroundings.

In addition, it will give you a sneak peek or feel on what is in store for you for the next coming days. Plus, you may spot a place where you may plan to eat out or at least familiarize yourself with the nearest establishment you might need like a convenience store.

Eat On The Street

If you are not adventurous when it comes to food, you will be missing half of your life as a solo traveler. Food, when traveling, not only fills you up but it incorporates a country’s culture. It a little way of getting immersed in the culture. Street foods are the best way to experience and feel like a local.

This does not mean you have to try everything that is offered to you. You need to be aware of where they came from and how they were prepared. The good thing about street foods though is that preparations are transparent, you get to see how the local vendor prepare the food. If eating street food is your main travel adventure then these countries will be your haven:

Also, make sure you bring refillable water bottles and refrain from drinking from the tap.

Get Intentionally Lost

Literally, try to get lost. Traveling is not about the destination. It is about experience far from your daily interactions back at home. Getting lost is a great way to create memories and stories to tell. It is also a great excuse to explore and talk to people – because along the way you are going to ask directions. In addition, you can’t really get lost nowadays because of GPS.

Whether you like walking, public commuting, or renting a car, whatever means you prefer just explore the area you are in as much as possible. Because what are the odds that you are going to be there again.


If you are an extrovert, then you won’t have a problem engaging and talking to strangers and travelers alike, but if you happen to be an introvert then it’s the right time to loosen up a little bit. Your hotel, or much preferably a hostel is a great place for you to start having conversation. Don’t think too much whether people will respond or interact with you because they will for sure. Both of you are like-minded wanderlust.

Do not hesitate to join group activities hosted by your hostel or travel agency. This will help you befriend people along the road. Some may even become your travel buddies.

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