4 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Living Room

It is only natural to want one of your home’s most important rooms to look its absolute best. And with all the design options available today, making the most of your living room can feel like a minefield. While you may have made some mistakes in the past, following these simple tricks will have your living room looking stylish without being too flashy.

Find the Focal Point and Use It

As a rule of thumb, how you intend to use your living room should dictate its focal point. Most living room layouts are dictated by the TV’s position; however, you should not make your TV the focal point unless your living room doubles as a home cinema/entertainment room. If you love to keep your living room technology-free or intend to use it for reading and relaxing, then consider making your fireplace the central focus.

When arranging furniture around a focal point, remember to keep your chairs and couches facing that focal point. A sectional couch is a great way to accomplish this, as it allows you to frame the sitting area around that focal point without cluttering up the area with excessive armchairs and smaller couches. This is especially useful for large families or those who often host parties.

Let the Natural Light In

If your living room windows offer scenic views of the outdoors, turning them into the room’s focus could make for a fantastic layout that can actually improve your mood. This idea may be ideal for open-plan living rooms with plenty of windows and not so suitable for home cinemas. If you want to have it both ways, however, you can incorporate large shutters and curtains to block out the light when you need a dark media area.

Also, let your desire for natural lighting dictate where you place your furniture. For instance, if you decide to make the large window facing the garden your living room’s central focus, position your sectional couch, coffee table and everything in between to take in the amazing view.

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Avoid Pushing Everything Against the Walls

Most people tend to push all their furniture up against the walls leaving the center of their living rooms almost empty – save for the carpet and a tiny table, perhaps. Making the most of your living room calls for proper space management. Therefore, instead of pushing your furnishings against the walls, pull them towards the center a tad. This will not only group your seats around the central table but also create ample space for walking around the room.

Think About Movement

After identifying your living room’s purpose and settling on an ideal layout, think about its functional aspects – like how you will move within the space. Consider zoning your living room to delineate circulation routes that do not cut through the seating area.

There is no such thing as a perfect living room layout. The best design depends on how you live. So, whether you consider your living room a multifunctional space, a quiet room for meditation or an entertainment center, you can adapt it however you please to suit your needs.

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