4 Tips for Designing an Open and Welcoming Kitchen

vFor those who want extra space for entertaining their guests and dining, an open kitchen should be the option. These types of kitchens offer a great space that can be used for entertainment and other things while welcoming as well. An open kitchen also provides efficiency when it comes to functionality and storage.

Defining the Open Kitchen with Different Flooring

The flooring that is used for the kitchen might not be ideal for the eating space due to various reasons. It is advisable to keep these two spaces distinct by using different flooring. For the kitchen space, it is essential to have material that is easy to clean and maintain. For instance, you can use clear vinyl for the kitchen floor and a rustic wooden floor for the eating space.

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Consider the Layout

When designing the open kitchen, it is recommendable to think of where your guests will be sitting while you are preparing the food. Have the breakfast bars not so close to the working area but also not far so that you can converse while cooking. This idea would prevent congestion in the kitchen. For an open kitchen, the skylights have to be along with the highest points of the root, and then you can have a few artwork and pendant lights hanging around the space to make it fab. The kind of furniture you bring in must also fit into the layout. If your current kitchen layout isn’t working for you, consider kitchen remodeling to create better flow.

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Settle For a Simple Color Pallet

It is also necessary to consider noise levels and looks when it comes to the selection of appliances for an open kitchen. You will notice that most people prefer white hi-gloss units because they work perfectly for such kitchens. However, stainless steel appliances will always carry the day for most people. You are not restricted in the colors for the kitchen pallets, but you should settle for something refreshing, long lasting, and attractive. Find a way of having the worktops clear and storage solutions that hideaway clutter.

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Keep the Kitchen Sweet and Simple

You have to understand that not all open kitchens are spacious. Have classic cabinetry that is painted in a dark shade would do. Always have the cabinets looking new and classy because this is what defines an open kitchen. You can consider frequent kitchen remodeling services often to maintain a shiny and sassy appearance. Various companies are available, and you can contact a few of them for these services.

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To conclude, an open kitchen offers excellent entertainment and eating space for guests and family. They are also efficient in terms of functionality and storage. When designing such kitchens, always consider using some tips. Keeping it sweet and simple, selecting a simple color pallet, considering the layout, and using different flooring for cooking and dining space are major tips you should consider.

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