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4 Tips for a Good Car Spring Cleaning

Every year it’s good to go through and do a deep clean of all the junk that accumulates throughout the year. In addition to regular engine maintenance, this type of cleaning can extend the lifespan of your car and keep it more comfortable to drive for longer.

In the spring cleaning spirit and ready to give your car the TLC it deserves? Below we put together a list of ways you can give your vehicle a thorough cleaning that you’re likely not able to do regularly that is due for an annual clean.

1. Remove Debris From Scuttle Drain

Once a year, it’s good to get out all the leaves and gunk that can accumulate in your car’s scuttle drain. Over time, the debris built up in your scuttle drain could increase the risk for rust, blockages, or breakage.

It is similar to keeping the gutters around your home from getting clogged because clogs can lead to corrosion and backed-up fluid. Just like you need gutter cleaning services to keep your home clean, you also need a service to keep your scuttle drain clean.

2. Steam Clean Your Floor Mats

Your car’s floor mats will accumulate a lot of dirt that you may not even notice during the year. For example, it will be less noticeable if you have black floor mats. But as you use your car, it will trap a lot of dirt, dust, or particles from the bottom of your shoes.

This could cause your car to become smelly over time or your floor mats to lose traction and flatten out. To steam clean them, you should first remove the floor mats from your car and place them on a flat surface where you can run a steam cleaner over them.

Then, with a steam cleaner, use a hot and soapy water mixture to thoroughly cover the whole surface area of the floor mat with the cleaner. This will sanitize every fiber of carpeting and remove even the deepest stains and dirt.

3. Remove Crumbs and Stains from Your Cupholders and Crevices

Cupholders are bound to accumulate crumbs and residues over time. It can cause foul smells to form in your vehicle and make for an uncomfortable ride or decrease the interior’s overall appearance.

Clean this out of your cupholders with either wipes or a cleaning putty to pull junk out of tiny spaces. For stubborn residue, soak them in hot water first.

4. Deep Clean the Seats

Removing stains from your upholstery is a long process, but a deep steam clean can help. The cleaning process will be different if you have leather seats because stains on leather are easier to remove than those on cloth seats.

For cloth seats, use a good car vacuum to remove any crumbs or dirt. Then go in with a steam cleaner’s hose attached to remove dirt and stains from deep in your upholstery. Steam cleaningswaps out chemicals in typical cleaners for heat, meaning you get an excellent clean without harming your interiors.

This will leave your seats slightly damp after the cleaning treatments, so it would be wise to leave your doors/windows open to allow airflow into your car to help it dry more efficiently.

Enjoy Your Spotless Car

Spring cleaning is a great time to give your vehicle some attention by deep cleaning all the spots you wouldn’t clean frequently.

Clearing out built-up debris in your scuttle drain and steam cleaning your car’s interior is excellent to do annually. If you keep up with it, your vehicle will stay nicer for longer, and every year you can have an interior that is like new.

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