4 Tips for Designing a Bathroom for Both Function and Relaxation

Your bathroom is a heavily trafficked area. Both unpleasant and pleasant activities occur there. As such, the bathroom should still be able to form its main function. However, it should also offer a refuge away from the world. It should be a place to relax and unwind. This article will discuss how to forge a balance between function and relaxation in your bathroom.

Cupboard Storage and Color

One of the first aspects to consider when performing bathroom remodeling is storage. Your bathroom has a lot of stuff that it needs to store. Toothbrushes, hair blowers, towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and various other necessities fill the space. One key way to balance function and relaxation is to use your cupboards appropriately. A lot of storage can be added into a cupboard. However, you can also make it add to the aesthetic for relaxation by painting it a certain color. Go for soft greys, blues, off-whites, and other soft colors. This helps formulate an atmosphere of relaxation.

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Elegant Bathtub

Another way to balance function and relaxation is to take a necessary part of the bathroom and elevate it. Showers are great for convenience and a quick clean before or after work. However, they don’t serve the purpose of relaxing. You still need somewhere to clean. Take out the shower and instead add in an elegant and large bathtub. You still keep the function of being able to clean in it but you also get to relax. Why not throw in a few jets for good measure?

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Candle Holders

Your bathroom needs lights. While these lights can be electrical for functions like cleaning and doing makeup, they don’t always need to be as bright for taking a bath. Place a few candle holders around the bathtub. Now you have light for the bathroom but it’s also muted light. This muted light provides a cozy and calming atmosphere.

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Decorate the Walls

There’s likely not a lot going on with the walls in the bathroom. Why not? Grab decorative pieces that calm you and hang them right there in the bathroom. Create a place for motivation, positivity, or just straight-up relaxation based on decorations alone.

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Your bathroom can do more than just serve a function. It can be a great place where you go to restore yourself. With these four tips, you can transform your bathroom into the central location for relaxation.

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