4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

When the temperatures soar, it is natural to want to head outdoors to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy the natural beauty. If you want to enjoy the outdoors with guests, however, you will want to take as much care with your entertaining space as you would your living room, dining room or other indoor entertainment spaces. Here are 4 tips for creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Bring the Comforts of Home Outdoors

While a picnic bench might be perfectly serviceable and weather winter well, if you really want to spend time with your guests, you’ll want to be sure they can stay comfortable for the long haul. Padded furniture, end tables and a low “coffee table” are all great elements of an outdoor entertaining space. You can also anchor your outdoor furniture the same way you do indoors—with a rug or carpet.

Use Indoor Design Elements Outdoors

Just like indoors, you will also want to ensure you leave adequate walkways for traffic. You can also create different areas for all the ways you want to use your outdoor space. For instance, you can create a conversation area around a fire pit for guests and place a small breakfast table in the corner to enjoy your morning coffee.

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Create Shade

While you may want to take full advantage of every ounce of sunshine in the early spring, you’ll also want to create shelter from the pounding summer sun. Pergolas are a great way to take advantage of weaker light while still providing shade against the stronger sun. For parties, you can set out canopies or even invest in a retractable sun shade. However you accomplish it, you will want to do your best to ensure your guests are comfortable, no matter the temperature.

Use Natural Elements

From a delightfully tinkling water fountain to sandstone patio tiles, there is no better way to bring elegance to an outdoor entertaining space than with natural elements. If you are a gardener, then of course plants and flowers always lend an element of beauty, but even if your thumb is decidedly black, you can still incorporate natural elements that are easier to maintain. A small koi pond or even a professionally installed stream are other ways to add natural beauty to your outdoor entertainment space.

In addition to entertaining, you will get benefit out of just creating a great outdoor space for yourself or your own family. Large backyards are often one of the most attractive features to home buyers, but just having it doesn’t do much good if you aren’t using it.

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