4 Tips and Tricks to Use for Your Home Exterior Renovating

Are you tired of your home being the only bland and boring one on your street? Read these 4 tips that can help you brighten up your curb appeal.


It may sound simple and you may not think it is worth your time or money, but a change of exterior paint color can make or break the aesthetic of your home. Depending on your style, it is always smart to stay neutral. Neutral colors such as grey, beige, cream, etc. are all colors that can spruce up your home and will still allow you to decorate however you’d like. To give your home some more pop, paint the trim of the house a color that contrasts with your house color and get your garage to match. For example, if I paint my house cream, I am going to paint the trim with a dark brown color. Contrast is key when trying to catch people’s eyes and it also makes things appear more expensive.

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Backyard Design

We all know how hard it is to keep a backyard looking tidy, fresh, and organized. Redesigning your backyard may be the answer for you. Grass, plants, and trees can all be very high maintenance, but if you switched most of your backyard to hardscape, your yard work would be effortless. Pavers, outdoor kitchens, built in fire pits are all things you could do to make weekly maintenance a breeze. If you enjoy your grass and plants, but are struggling with clutter and organizing, invest in a workshop or shed. Affordable, sleek, and plenty of room to store whatever may be laying around your yard. A shed can benefit you by adding  so much spice and color to your yard and can keep your yard from looking cluttered.

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Lights and Windows

Again, lights and windows may be a no brainer, but the style and placement of where they go has a huge affect on the home. Lights are meant to be placed either where people will need to see, or when you want people’s attention to be drawn to a feature outside of the home. Adding lights just on both sides of your porch/front door can change the entire look, especially after a nice paint job. More lights could be added under the lip of the roof to not only accent the beautiful color of the home but the architecture of it. Everyone will be drawn to your bright house at night.

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Lights can also accent trees and plants. Do you have a favorite plant at your home that doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Buy a light put it at the base of the plant and watch the light work its magic. Windows can also play a huge part in remodeling the exterior or your home. Toss out those single pane, black, metal windows and replace them with white double or triple pane windows. Not only will this benefit the inside of the house by keeping hot or cold air in, but it will make your home look fresh and new.

Add Some Stone

If you’re not satisfied yet, facing areas of your home with stone is a great way to add more texture to the front of your home. It is commonly placed on the bottom half of the house or near the front door. This could easily be a DIY project to do one weekend because it isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you need is mortar and a bucket with water and a sponge. Wipe of the rock with the sponge, take the mortar and put a 1/2 inch of it on the house, put some mortar on the back of the rock and place it. The important thing to remember is to always keep the mortar wet so it doesn’t dry out before you place the rock. Just adding a facing to your home can change the look drastically. It could go from modern to rustic, or old to modern rustic. The style of the stone is up to you!

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Painting, Backyard Design, Lights and Windows, and Stone Facing can all be very beneficial to renovate the exterior of your home. 4 tips may not seem like much, but you’d be surprised on what your home could look like after changing just a few things here and there. Take these tips and do them! You will be happy you did it and you will fall in love with your home all over again.

Hope these tips helped you out with renovating your home, or at least gave you some ideas. Thank you for reading!

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