4 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself In Case Of a Lost Social Security Card

With these tough economic times, losing a Social Security card is everyone’s worst nightmare. Quite often, such a loss is caused by our ignorance. This is because you don’t have to carry the card all the time. You just need to memorize your social security number so that you can lock the card in a cabinet in your home. Even if you are very careful with your card, there are people who are always looking for an opportunity to steal it from you. The problem with losing your card is that it can be used by fraudsters to apply for loans by posing as you. The good news is that there are things you can do to prevent your card from being used by identity thieves as outlined below.

Notify Social security Administration

The first step when looking to protect yourself after your card has been stolen requires you to report the theft to Social Security Administration. The good thing is that you can get in touch with SSA through a toll free phone number (1-800-772-1213). The SSA can then help you in confirming your card statement. You should actually be swift in reporting a stolen social security card because SSA can’t intervene in a situation where the card has already been used to apply for a loan or settle any bills. You can also go an extra mile by reporting about the stolen card at the nearest police station. This will give you an advantage in case the card is used by identity thieves.

Apply for a Replacement Card

Life can turn into living hell when you don’t have a social security card. It’s therefore important you request for a replacement immediately. When applying for a replacement, the SSA may give you the same number you had earlier or opt to give you a brand new number. According to instructions that are available at application-filing-service.com, you can submit your request via SSA portal or go to their nearest office. Most applicants prefer to use the internet due to its convenience. But if you really want to visit their offices, you can find the nearest branch by logging into SSA website. However, you must enclose or attach your documents in your application request.

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Use Electronic Statements and Bills

As you wait for your new card to be processed by SSA, you should avoid using printed statements and bills. This is because your personal details can land in the wrong hands and end up being used fraudulently. When you subscribe for electronic statements, the security of your personal details is guaranteed because no one can access your email account unless you give them your password. All your utility bills will actually be delivered into your inbox. If you have to continue getting statements and bills in hard copies, you should shred them after reading.

Partner with Credit Monitoring Service

Even after applying for a replacement, you should consider partnering with a credit monitoring company. The company traces your lost card round the clock and notifies you when it’s used by someone else other than you. Besides that, you should avoid entering your social security number to websites that can’t be trusted. If a website link doesn’t start with https://, it’s definitely illegitimate.

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