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4 Sure Ways to Revamp your Favorite Reclining Sofa

You love your leather reclining sofa and it’s plain to see why. It helps you straighten out and relax after work as explained in Simmons recliner reviews. Besides, you have good memories of sitting in it and sipping something special while chatting or reading your favorite classic novel. Comfort aside, people who have bad or aching backs actually need reclining sofas in their homes. Doctors recommend it and those who own recliners often go on about how much it has improved their well-being.

Aside from the perks, getting a good reclining sofa probably cost you a pretty penny. A top-rated leather recliner can set you back a couple hundred bucks. And if you’re one to splurge, you probably went all out on a premium Lazboy or Lane Furniture recliner with the coolest bells and whistles. So it makes sense to do all you can to keep it looking and feeling great for as long as possible. If you need a makeover to revamp your favorite recliner, there are at least four things you can do: You can have it re-upholstered or re-stuffed. You can also send it for professional cleaning or do thorough maintenance on its metal moving parts.


Changing the leather or fabric cover of your recliner is a sure way to make it look good as new. There’s only so much you can achieve by removing stains and dust. A brand new leather or plush cover will do the trick. Consult the makers or sellers of your recliner to see what deals they have for old customers. If you like to DIY, there are great tips online on how to re-upholster your favorite recliner using the old covers as a template.

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If your recliner now feels less comfortable, getting it re-stuffed might do more good than getting new covers. With time and use, the padding in the best recliners can get flattened. With less effective cushioning, your recliner is bound to feel less comfortable and will do much less good for a bad back. As with getting a recliner re-upholstered, your best bet here is to consult the makers. They may have a re-stuffing service or may indeed offer standard cushions for their premium recliner designs. With these parts, you can contract a freelancer for furniture maintenance or indeed, re-stuff your recliner yourself.


Sometimes, years and years of accumulated dirt are to blame for the worn, unpleasant feel of your favorite leather recliner. Recliners are complex and sometimes fragile pieces of furniture. They’re used often and yet must be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging any of their cool features. This is why there’s only so much dirt you can get rid of by cleaning your recliner at home. A professional furniture cleaner can take care of obvious problems like stains and odor. Professionals can also get rid of dust mites and other critters that are drawn to the debris trapped in the corners of your recliner. Contracting the services of a professional cleaner is definitely something you should consider doing to revamp your favorite sofa.


Many top-rated leather recliners have metal components and frames. They’re the reason recliners can do the cool things they do. When metal joints get stiff with age or rust, your recliner may prove a bit more difficult to use and prone to malfunctions now and then. If your recliner already feels stiffer and bit more fragile than it was when you bought it, then perhaps you need to take care of its metal joints. Applying machine oil can do the trick. Start by studying your recliner’s manual to find out the maker’s suggestion for dealing with stiff joints. Be sure to note where important joints and parts are located. Next, acquire a small bottle of machine oil and apply one or two drops to stiff joints. This will ensure your recliner slides in and out with ease.


How well your recliner fares with time depends on how you care for it daily. Doing simple things like removing dust and stains, and following maker instructions will keep you from having to do a makeover too often. When a makeover is the only way to go however, there are at least four things you can do. No matter which option you choose, be sure to consult the makers or sellers of your recliner to find out how they can help.

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