4 Stunning Roof Decorations to Make for Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner and you may be starting to plan out your decorating scheme. Partaking in the holiday spirit can mean that you want to share your innovative decorating sense with your entire neighborhood. Here are some ideas of things you can do this year to make your house pop.

Light It Up

Exterior lighting doesn’t need to stay on the ground. You can add in fun lighting displays on your roof. There are lots of options that can be created to make a stunning design for everyone to enjoy. You could go with traditional elements, such as a Christmas tree, or craft a star theme. Incorporate the eaves and yard of your home in order to tie it altogether. This will allow for the greatest effect when people come by to check out your home.

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Holiday Scene

One of the more traditional methods of creating a holiday display is to place Santa and his reindeer on your roof. This is fairly simple to achieve. Most of the time, you can take yard displays and place them on your roof instead. You’ll need to find a way to secure them without damaging your roofing material. Placing these items near the edge of your roof will give you a point at which to anchor them.

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Understated Elegance

There’s nothing wrong with going with a more simple and understated display. This could include decorating your house to look like a giant present or using simple projector style lighting to achieve a more time consuming scene. Another thing to consider before the holiday season is contacting your local roofing company to ensure that your roof is in good repair. This will allow you to dress up the beauty of your home and go on the roof to attach decorations without causing accidental damage or having an accident.

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On the Funny Side

Going with a display that’s a little more lighthearted may be more your style. This could include creating a display that looks like you’re still hanging your lights. Another popular option is the Christmas tree going through the roof. To achieve this effect, you’ll need to place the roof display in the same line of sight as the tree on the inside of your house. Select items that will showcase your personality and will work with the rest of your decorating ideas.

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The number of options that are available are endless. Use these basic themes in order to create something that will stun your family and friends this year.

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