4 Steps to Steam cleaning your floors

Are you looking for ways that you can keep your floors clean? For many homes, it is not just enough to sweep or vacuum your floors regularly. Especially if there is high foot traffic in a particular area, or you have a bunch of pets, vacuuming and sweeping may not be enough to clean it thoroughly.

One thing you can do is to steam clean your floors. Steam cleaning is a more thorough cleaning process and the good thing about it is that the process is relatively simple and non-toxic. Here are the steps you must follow.

Ensure that your floor is sealed

One of the things that you need to check before you start using a steam cleaner is that your floor has to be sealed. This is very important to ensure that your floors are protected properly. If you are not sure that your floors are sealed or whether the sealant is still active, you can do a test on a small area of your floor. The easiest test you can do is to add a drop of water on the floor. If the water does not seep to the wood then your floor is sealed properly.

Sweep or vacuum the floor first

Before you steam clean your floors, you should prepare the area first. This is as simple as sweeping the floor and making sure that you get rid of all the dirt and debris that is all over the floor. Take note that this should be a thorough cleaning, that’s why it’s also a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure that it is in the right setting. You might also need some help from someone as you will have to move the furniture and the like to ensure that you are able to sweep and vacuum everything, including the corners of the room.

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Prepare your equipment

Once you are assured that the floors are free from debris, etc, you can start preparing your equipment. There are many types of steam cleaner that you can invest in. Just choose the one that is appropriate for what type of floor you have. You can even choose a handheld steam cleaner. This has many benefits as you are not just limited to cleaning floors, you can also use it to clean windows or even bathroom tiles. It will also not take up too much space in your home compared to other steam cleaners. Read the manual thoroughly so that you are able to utilize the steam cleaner properly.

Make sure that you test your solution first

Before you put the solution into your cleaner, it is important that you know that it is the proper one for your floor. Ask for recommendations from the store or you can also make a natural cleaning solution using household products. Some homeowners use a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and more as a cleaning solution. To mask the smell, they add a drop or two of the favorite essential oils.

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