4 Steps to Designing a Healthier Home

You may not realize it, but everything around you from the people to the plants, to the light, affects the way you feel. And, as silly as it may sound, all of these things have an effect on your health. While you cannot control outside health factors in your life, you can control the health factors in your home. So, to prevent health issues, it is important to create a home that encourages good health. Here are four steps you can take to design a healthier home for you and your loved ones.

Filter Your Water

You have most likely heard the saying that “water is life,” and it truly is. Your body is approximately 55 percent water, and every part of you requires water to work properly. So why would you ever put toxic, chemical-filled water inside of your body? Although you can’t prevent the local government from using chemicals to clean the water, and you really don’t want to, you can install a water filter in your home that will filter all the bad out of your drinking water before you consume it.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

All cleaning products other than natural products have chemicals that can become airborne, or that can be absorbed by your skin; these are known as VOCs or volatile organic compounds and can cause an array of health issues. You may wear gloves when you clean and think that will keep the toxins away from your skin, but you are still breathing them. Plus when you rinse your sinks, toilets, and showers out after cleaning, you wash those toxins down the drain and contribute to damaging the environment. Choose all-natural products for cleaning instead; they do just as good of a job, and you are not putting yourself or others at risk.

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Eliminate Chemicals From Your Garden

Just like you don’t want to clean with chemicals, you don’t want chemicals to be anywhere near the food you eat. When you use things such as pesticides while you get the benefit of having pest-free vegetables, you also risk those same plants absorbing the chemicals. Then, you turn around and eat them and put those chemicals inside of your body. Instead, use organic pesticides and natural alternatives for fertilizing. This will ensure that your garden grows without any chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Use a Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

You have probably seen Himalayan salt rock lamps around in stores, and you may have even thought they are just for show or a fad. But they are much more than just a pretty light to look at. These lamps are a source of fresh, clean air. People who place them in their bedrooms and around their homes boast refreshing sleep, clear minds, and less anxiety. They also reduce allergens and are found helpful for those with asthma.

No, you can’t eliminate all the elements that contribute to poor health outside of your home, but these four simple changes you make in your home will greatly help with keeping you and your family healthy.

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