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4 Smart Storage Ideas for Busy Family Homes

When you live with a big family, you know how quickly things can get cluttered. A fresh, open home, though, isn’t out of reach. Smart storage saves space and adds style.

Implementing a few design elements can end up making your home feel bigger. You can find all your belongings conveniently without feeling cramped or overwhelmed. Try some of these tips that combine function and style for smart storage solutions.

There’s Room for More Than a Monster Under the Bed

If your child believes a monster can fit under the bed, you can fit odds and ends you keep around your home. Declutter any kid’s bedroom by utilizing the space under the bed for bins, drawers, and everything in between.

You can store seasonal clothes like winter coats or swimsuits. Hold on to old knick-knacks, awards, journals, and books. Keep extra blankets on-hand for easy use. The area under the bed is a convenient storage solution that stays out of the way while remaining accessible when you need it.

Embrace the Chaos with a Toy Chest

Storing toys and keeping up the organization in a kid’s room can be hard to maintain. If you have kids, you know striving for perfection can end in disaster. Embrace a little bit of that chaos by trying out a toy chest. These can be a great decorative addition to any kid’s room, as well as another place to sit.

A toy chest makes it easy to clean fast and stay decluttered because everything goes in one place. You don’t have to remember which toy is in which bin or keep things out, which makes the room look messy and cramped. It all goes right back into the toy chest at the end of the day.

One of the best elements of a toy chest is that they are easy to build yourself. Design a special gift for your child that is practical and fun!

Nix the TV Stand, Opt for Endless Storage

Every piece of furniture can serve as discreet storage. The TV stand is no exception. Instead of a TV stand, try situating your entertainment on a sophisticated chest of drawers. Keep movies, books, toys, and even blankets and clothes conveniently below your television.

A chest of drawers can easily make your living room feel upscale and minimalist as it keeps clutter out of view.

Instantly Elevate Your Kitchen with Wall Storage

Cooking for a big family means lots of bowls, pots, and kitchenware. Cluttered cabinets, however, can make it difficult to find what you need. Your kitchen storage doesn’t have to be a chore to manage.

You can up the sophistication in your home with gilded wall-hanging kitchen supplies. Install a hanging grid above the counter to keep pots, pans, strainers, and more on-hand and out of the way at the same time. This type of storage adds upscale flair while smartly clearing up cabinet space.

You can find cheap wall-mount and ceiling-mount grids for hanging supplies from just about any kitchenware retailer. You can also build one yourself. You can build DIY grids from painted PVC pipe, wire, or even just a series of hooks. The beauty of these units is that they don’t encroach on floor space. The easy-hang element makes them decorative like a painting or potted plant.

The Bottom Line

Your kids will love these fun and functional storage solutions, and so will you. Clear up space for hosting, get convenient access to all your favorite things, and give your child the gift of well-crafted storage space. There are a million ways to save space with smart storage solutions.

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