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4 Smart Living Room Storage Solutions

The right storage doesn’t just hide the clutter, it also looks great

Whether it’s wall-mounted shelves, media units or bookcases, choosing the right storage for your living space is key to coming up with the perfect living room design. When we flick through designer magazines, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that every room you see is completely free from clutter. Unfortunately, through the rigmarole of daily life we seem to accumulate endless amounts of stuff without even trying, and this can make our rooms feel less classy and more cluttered.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Finding the perfect storage for your living room can help you declutter in the most efficient and stylish way. Create a streamlined living room look by introducing stylish storage solutions that can not only conceal your clutter and store your accessories, but will also help you show off some of your favourite objects proudly.

So to truly live it up in the living room and fall in love with your home design, we’ve created this handy guide to show you how powerful a tool storage can be. Here are our top picks for smart living room storage solutions.

Media Units

In most modern homes, the television acts as the focal point of all your living room furniture. So in order to keep a decorative element to this practical centrepiece, try to find the perfect unit to display it in.

Depending on how many gadgets, gizmos, set-top boxes and games consoles you have attached to you TV, you’ll need to think carefully about what size and shape you need. It may be the case that you need a larger media unit rather than a simple TV stand. You can also find dedicated units with holes at the back in order to avoid the unpleasing sight of exposed wires and stacked devices littering the floor. You can also consider a model with drawers if you’re guilty of regularly misplacing the remote.

If space is a concern in your living room design, consider a corner unit, but remember to think about the style as well as the shape and size. Do you want a unit that blends in with your décor or that stands out and makes a statement? Will you go for traditional wood, or something more modern like metal or chrome?

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Shelving is a great storage solution, especially if you are dealing with a living room that is a little on the small side. That’s because no matter how little floor space you have to work with, you always have space for some wall-mounted shelves.

Floating shelves are a smart option which look modern and don’t take up too much wall space, maintaining the illusion of space. This kind of storage is best reserved for the items you’re particularly found of, as unlike other storage solutions shelving puts your stuff on display for all to see. So make your floating shelves the place to store family photographs, books, CDs and DVDs proudly.

Corner shelves offer a more traditional look and are a good alternative way to show off your favourites accessories without taking up too much space. If you plan on putting the shelves up yourself, be sure to follow a trusted DIY step-by-step guide and practise full safety precautions.

Vintage Sideboards

Storage can be elegant, and one of the most powerful ways to do this is by investing in some vintage furniture. Discovering where to find the best vintage retro sideboards will open you up to whole world of possibilities, including vintage sideboards which can be used to hide away the clutter while adding a luxurious feature to your living room.

Sideboards are arguably the best storage solution, as they offer surface space for the items you want on show, and cupboard space for the stuff you don’t. And vintage sideboards are among the most beautiful and durable furniture designs. What’s more, they are completely unique. This means that you can sit back and admire your sideboard knowing that no home has one that is exactly the same as yours.

Finding vintage furniture is all about hunting down the best sources. Your first instinct might be to go searching around your local market, but often the best solution is to go online. Online stores like Vinterior offer a huge range of vintage furniture solutions, including sideboards.


Like shelves, bookcases are an attractive way to display the items you don’t mind showing off, namely books! Bookcases are an absolute must for any bookworm’s living room, and again they don’t take up too much floorspace.

If you’re propping your bookcase against the wall, be sure to fix it securely to prevent toppling over. For maximum flexibility, look out for bookcase designs which feature adjustable shelves. This will allow you to change the arrangement when you want to freshen things up. Other options include open style bookcases, which feature shelving on both sides and are therefore perfect for suing as a room divider. This is especially useful in an open plan kitchen/living space as a way to make the two areas more defined. On the kitchen side, fill the shelves with cookery books and equipment, or leave gaps for a more open feel.

You should also consider for built-in bookcases to make the most of every inch of space, ideal for alcoves, nooks, crannies and unused cupboards.

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