4 Small Home Maintenance Problems that Cause Maximum Damage

Homeownership is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have a place to call home and you don’t have to lose sleep at night worrying about a landlord evicting you on a whim. But on the other hand, home maintenance issues fall squarely on your shoulders.

Home maintenance is not something you can ignore. If you don’t keep on top of your to-do list, sooner or later, things will go badly awry. Here are four minor issues that soon snowball into major problems if left unattended. Read on to discover what jobs you need to tackle this weekend!

1. Blocked Gutters

Gutters channel water away from the roof and down into a drain. Faulty gutters are the primary cause of water damage in a home. If your gutters are blocked with debris or have deteriorated to the point where they have split or are hanging away from the wall, it won’t be long before water finds its way inside the wall.

Many people don’t give their gutters a second thought. They only spot a problem when damp patches bloom on an internal wall. If you have reached this stage, it’s critical. Ignore damp at your peril. Damp rarely goes away, and if it’s left unchecked, it causes major damage to decorative finishes, culminating in mold and mildew.

Clear out your gutters twice a year. Check for damage and repair or replace as needed.

2. Uninsulated Pipes

External pipes are vulnerable to cold temperatures. Ideally, they need protection from the weather, preferably with a snug foam sleeve. If you have any water pipes outside, for example, to an external faucet in the yard, make sure they are well-insulated. If you don’t protect your pipes, they will burst if the temperatures dip below freezing.

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Don’t forget about pipework in the attic either. In cold climates, attics can get extremely cold. If there is any pipework up there, it will freeze. Once the weather warms up again, you will have a burst pipe on your hands. Would you rather deal with a collapsed ceiling or spend a few dollars on some foam lagging?

3. Loose Shingles

The roof is a vulnerable point in any home. Water will find a way in via the smallest crack or hole, and as we all know, water ingress causes significant damage. Keep a close eye on your roof. Perform a visual inspection every fall and after major storms. If you spot any loose or missing shingles, have them repaired or replaced immediately.

Don’t try and fix a roof on your own. Unless you are experienced and have all the necessary safety equipment, it is safer to call in the experts.

4. Termites

Termites are tiny little critters, but boy they can do some damage! If left unchecked, termites destroy the structural integrity of a property in a surprisingly short amount of time.

If you spot anything that looks like a termite or hear strange munching or knocking sounds at night, call in the exterminator immediately. Any delay could cost you your home.

Don’t put home maintenance on the backburner. It’s essential!

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