4 Simple Tips To Prepare You For Your Birthday Night Out!

Heading out for your birthday is so exciting, but there is often quite a lot of preparation involved which we are here to help you with! From choosing your outfit to what to eat and drink, sorting your journey home and planning pre-drinks games, we’ve got you covered for your big birthday night out.

Choose Your Outfit

We all know that there is nothing worse than desperately trying to find an outfit the day before your birthday night out, only to end up wearing something you don’t really love and don’t feel great in. Luckily, a lot of places now offer next day delivery, but if you are going to plan one thing at least a couple of weeks in advance, it should be your outfit.

There are so many stunning going out dresses out there for you to try, whether you want to go for mini or midi, ruched or mesh, satin or embellished, your choices are endless! You want to shine on your birthday night out, so we would always say to go for something sparkly. If you aren’t heading out on a super dressy night, you could go glam with your top and then pair with jeans and heels to dress things down slightly.

Don’t forget to find the perfect shoes and bag in advance too, so you can enjoy all of the preparation for your big night without the stress of worrying about your outfit.

Plan Your Games

Are you hosting some drinks before you head on your birthday night out? Well, you should plan some games to get the party started so you can really enjoy your birthday celebrations! You want to make sure everyone is having fun, especially if a few people don’t know eachother very well, so you could play things like beer or prosecco pong, or there are so many drinking board games you can buy online that everyone can just get on with, so you don’t need to worry about hosting. If games like this aren’t your thing, just put together a killer playlist and everyone will have a great time.

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Eat and Drink Enough!

Our next tip is to make sure you eat and drink enough before your night out! You want to make sure that you can stay out the whole night and eating and drinking enough is key if you are going to be drinking alcohol. So, a few hours before you head out, make sure that you eat a meal with some carbs in to help soak up the article, like a toastie, pizza, pasta or wrap, for example.

Also, you need to make sure that you drink at least a few glasses of water before you start drinking alcohol, as this can help to prevent quick dehydration and impairment which you experience when you are drinking. You will be able to enjoy your night for longer! Just make sure that you also drink the occasional glass of water when you are out, to make sure you don’t surpass your limit and stop enjoying the night.

Plan Your Journey Home

Before you head out on your birthday night out, you need to make sure that you plan your journey home. When you are out on your night out, it can be easy to get carried away and then realise you might be stuck on how to get home, so you should plan this in advance.

Maybe you need to book a taxi and then make sure your phone is on loud so you know when they arrive. A friend of family member might be picking you up, so arrange a time and place in advance and if anything changes, you can let them know. If you are getting public transport, double check the times on the day to make sure nothing is canceled and you’re not going to get stranded.

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