4 Sconce Lighting Uses That Make an Office Remodel Look More Expensive

Office remodeling and renovations are often an expensive undertaking and business owners would do well to ensure the end results are more likely to make an impact. Sconces and other atmospheric-lights can go a long way towards creating a more attractive atmosphere. While the fixtures, hardware and installations themselves can make for an eye-catching decorative accent, using sconce lighting to better illuminate an environment can make crafting the right lighting scheme that much easier.


Softer, ambient lighting in hallways and corridors can help to create a more tasteful decor. The brighter lighting provided by halogen fixtures and other more conventional workplace lighting options often produces a washed-out effect, one that may detract from other remodeling efforts or detract from their overall impact.

Reception and Waiting Areas

A lounge, waiting room or front-desk reception area can often play a key role in determining what sort of impression visitors and associates are likely to form. Dimmer sconce-lighting can deepen shadows in order to create a more exclusive ambience while using sconces as a decorative accent provides a handsome complement to the surrounding decor.

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Exterior Environments

Stairways, entrances and external environments can also benefit from the addition of a sconce. A more attractive exterior can help to improve the curb appeal of your property, business or campus and accent lighting can be an important asset for ensuring an exterior renovation is able to be as effective and successful as possible. A stark exterior and outdoor environments that feel too dark, cold or uninviting could be prove to be a bigger issue than you might realize. This will keep away animals and loiterers that like to find dark spaces to get into trouble at night.


While accent lighting within an office or other workspace may seem like a minor detail, both the lighting and decorative theme are often essential aspects for creating a more expensive look, the right mood or a level of atmosphere that is more likely to make an impression. Working with a commercial electrical contractor makes it much safer to design a lighting scheme that will be both attractive and functional. Don’t try to install new lighting fixtures by yourself.

Business and property owners who overlook the potential benefit that accent lighting and designer fixtures can have on their surroundings may end up missing out on quite a lot. Sconce fixtures are versatile enough to work with a range of design schemes and make for the perfect accent when it comes to crafting a more expensive look. From offices to stairwells, scone lighting is a great way to make your office remodel look more expensive.

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