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4 Savvy Travel Tips to Make Your Next Beach Vacation Perfect

Do you know what you will never regret in your life? A day at the beach!
the grainy sand,
the whispering waves,
the sunshine,
the sand in your hair,
the water splashing gently across your ankles;
Is there anything more therapeutic?

A vacation at the beach can give you immense pleasure, but not every beach vacation in your life is going to be memorable. Still, if you have the right plan and the right hacks by your side, it is guaranteed that you will have the most enjoyable time and not only that, you will have tons of memories to reminisce.

Why Beach?

It is worth asking that why would you, or why would anyone want to spend time on a beach?

There are better, lesser messier, and less sandy alternatives for you, but still, here we are. Beaches are the first choice for most people. So, it is no surprise that the beach is the first place that popped up in your mind when you were planning a vacation.

Numbers tell us that 52% of the population would want to take a beach as a destination to spend vacation over several other forms of vacation.

The answer, my friend, lies in your busy life. Science has proved that going to the beach is better for you. It relieves your stress. So, even if you do not realize it, your body craves a stress-free vacation, and you deserve it.

A Perfect Beach Vacation – How To?

The question that must be playing a jig-saw puzzle in your head right now is: How? How can you treat yourself with a perfect beach vacation? It is a question worth pondering, and like other questions, you are going to need some help to answer it.

So, here we are to help you out for your perfect beach vacation with some slick and savvy travel tips to help you see through the very best beach vacation that you could treat yourself with.

1. Pick the Right Beach:

The very first step to a perfect beach vacation is picking the best beach you can find, and believe us, finding the best beach is not as easy!

The first step in choosing the right beach is to find the most popular ones. See where most people are headed too. You can also look for beaches that aren’t frequently visited if you want some seclude on your vacation.

One of the most visited beaches in the world is the ‘Whitehaven beach’ in Australia that receives about 75000 visitors every year! It is always better to start planning and look for the most suited options. Put in some hours of research. The things you should look up for can be:

However, don’t restrict your research to these pointers. See if you can spice up your vacations with any fun activity or what more you can do at the beach.

2. Bring your convenience with you

The beach is all about being out there, and when you’re out there, you can’t have all the comforts as your home. So, you have to bring with you all the fun and excitement on the beach.

That is why, to make the most of your beach vacation, bring your comfortable seating with you. If you love a reclining seat, bring one. If you love sunbathing on the ground, bring your floor mat with you.

Don’t forget to pack extra clothes because, of course, you won’t find laundry on the beach. So, towels and spare clothing are a must when you go to the beach. Not only clothes, make sure you bring your undergarments too. If you are a guy, make sure to pack your most comfortable mens underwear because sand can cause some real rashes when it gets into your clothes.

3. Screen out that sun

The beach and sun go together. So, when you come to the beach, come prepared because the sun can be hard on you. Make sure you keep a sunblock or sunscreen.

Wait! Are sunblock and sunscreen different? Yes! They are. (duh).

Sunscreen is a product that, when applied to your skin, does not entirely stop the UV rays from reaching your skin. It merely absorbs them before it damages the dermal layer. On the other hand, sunblock completely blocks out the rays of the sun.

While it is evident that you have to bring one, the question that arises now is which one should you bring? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it all depends on your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin or skin conditions, you should always read the labels of both a sunscreen and a sunblock to see what ingredients could affect you. Typically, the chemical combinations are always given at the back of your sunblock.

Even if you have sunblock, try to steer clear of sunlight between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. You’ll thank us for this later.

4. First aid comes first

Do you know what has the most potential for ruining a perfect day at the beach? An injury.

Injuries are your biggest nemesis. Therefore, the first things you pack should be the constituents of your first-aid kit. What items typically constitutes a first aid kit are:

We’re not saying that having a first aid kit will mean you cannot ruin your day at the beach. We’re just saying that having a first aid kit, means you do not have to completely abandon your day at the beach just because you got injured.

Just another word of advice:

Insect bites also count as injuries, and you should always research the insects that could ruin your day on the specific beach you choose.

Final Word

While beaches can be your safe escape for a great relaxing vacation, beaches can also be dangerous at times. It is your discretion to decide what beach is worth going. We just hope that when you come back from the beach, you’re as agile as a cat and ready to take on the entire world again.

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