4 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas For Your New Home

Moving into a new home with your significant other can be an exciting milestone to achieve, but at the same time, things can get tricky quickly. Brainstorming bedroom decor ideas is hard enough to organize on your own, but when a whole other person with separate tastes and opinions enters the mix, there’s room for plenty of discussions and what the right direction might be.

If you’re used to having your own space, sharing your bedroom, one of the most intimate places in your home, with someone else can feel like an intrusion regardless of who they are. Creating a romantic bedroom that looks and feels like a space you can share with your partner is going to be so crucial as you try and make the transition from independence to being in a relationship as seamless as possible.

Certain tips and tricks can make brainstorming bedroom decor ideas with your partner a lot easier.  From finding the best mattress for shared beds to figuring out which side of the closet belongs to you, here are some things to keep in mind as you begin decorating a space truly worthy of your romance:

Tip #1: Choosing the right shades for romance

Color can play a big role in the mood and ambiance of a room, so when choosing shades with a partner, you may wish to consider rosy hues to introduce a softer, more romantic feel to the room.

There are other ways you can introduce romantic tones and shades into your bedroom. Try using floral accents on your walls or bed covers for an added touch of rustic romance. For more traditionally cozy bedroom decor ideas, you may want to integrate wooden accents in the bed frame or shelving units of your space.

Alternatively, for a more luxurious touch, you might opt to choose gold or rose gold accents on your bedroom furniture. This will allow you to create a rich and comforting atmosphere to begin building the rest of your bedroom around.

Tip #2: Finding the most comfortable mattress for shared sleep

One of the trickier aspects of a couple’s bedroom has to be the mattress. Finding the best mattress suitable for rest, unwinding, and accommodating the needs of both people sharing it can be tough.

Memory foam mattresses are often ranked amongst the best mattresses to purchase for shares spaces, and for good reason. The best mattresses made out of memory foam tend to be engineered for their versatility, with contouring capabilities that allow them to support a diverse range of sleepers, regardless of the position they sleep in.

Another reason memory foam tends to be the best mattress for shared beds is because of their motion absorption capabilities, which allow your partner to toss and turn all they want without having to worry about disturbing your sleep.

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Remember that for romantic bedroom decor ideas that look and feel as cozy as possible, you’ll want to ensure you’ve also gotten yourself the best size mattress measurements you can for the job. Full-size mattresses work well for shared beds in smaller spaces, whereas queen size are the best mattress for slightly larger rooms.

Tip #3:  Cuddle up to a cozy blanket

Nothing says romance quite like cuddling up with your partner under a warm and cozy blanket. When it comes to bedroom decor ideas, the aspects of your bedroom you don’t want to skimp out should be the ones you know you’ll use on a consistent basis.

A faux-fur blanket is a great way to add a touch of luxurious comfort to your space. The best thing about investing in a high-quality blanket is that it is a bedroom decor idea that works in a functional way, as well as a decorative way. Finding the right tone and material of your blanket is up to you and the overall aesthetic you’ve chosen to decorate your bedroom in.

Regardless of what you go for, your blanket can really transform even the best mattress into something you find yourself counting down the hours to getting under. Bring a whole new level of cozy comfort to your joint movie marathons.

Tip #4: Use soft lighting in your space

Good lighting can make or break the way you perceive the space in your bedroom and should form the basis of your bedroom decor ideas. Use softer lighting to ensure you sustain a romantic, more gentle, and relaxing ambiance in your bedroom. You can do this by using plenty of high overhead lighting or deciding to use lanterns and lamps to light up your space over any main light fixtures.

Using fairy lights to decorate your bedroom can also be a really fun and creative way to introduce some romance into your space. Wrapping these around the base of our bed or in and out of your bed frame will leave you feeling like you’ve stepped into a true fairytale.

Once you’ve got all your bedroom decor ideas organized, and have a good idea of how you’re going to implement them, it’s time to get to work. There are few things as rewarding as seeing your bedroom decor ideas go from being a Pinterest board to real life.

Collaborating with your partner and reaching compromises on decor decisions can be a truly fulfilling part of the process. From finding the best mattress for both your support and comfort through the night, to picking out lanterns that make you feel cozy and allow you to unwind, the little decisions you make in the process of brainstorming your bedroom decor ideas are going to leave you with a space that feels fitting to your own personal fairytale romance.

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