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4 Renovations That Make Your Small Home Seem Bigger

Buying a smaller home can be very practical for many families, but there may come a point when your living space starts to feel cramped. If that sounds like your own situation, then you might want to consider some renovations that will make your home seem larger and more inviting.

Add an Outdoor Living Area

In addition to making your home feel bigger, adding an outdoor living space could also increase the value of your property by a substantial amount. For your outdoor living space, all you are going to need is some type of comfortable seating and a central feature, such as a pool, pond, bar, or fire pit. If you live in a particularly warm or sunny climate, then you will probably want to add a patio cover to your outdoor living space as well.

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Finish the Basement or Attic

Another great way to add some living space to your home is to finish a basement or attic. Those areas often go unused for years, and that can be a major waste of space. Even if you aren’t going to turn one of those rooms into a bedroom or office, you might still want to finish the walls and add some lighting so that you can fully finish it in the future. For attic renovations, you may want to opt for a roof installation so you can make the best use of the space. A good roofing company can help you restore the space so you don’t have to deal with unsightly leaks and gaps.

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Install Hidden Storage

It is an unfortunate fact that many homes have very little storage space, and that can lead to an incredible amount of clutter. In order to keep objects off your counters and floors, you should get creative with your storage solutions. Some of the best options include storage racks in the garage, built-in cabinets in larger closets, and multi-purpose furniture that has storage compartments.

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Improve the Outdoor Lighting

Many interior design experts agree that improving a home’s natural lighting is one of the best ways to make it seem larger. Windows are a great option, but those installations can be very pricey. Solar light tubes are an excellent alternative to new windows, and that type of feature is relatively easy to install.

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After you carry out any major project on your home, you should probably double-check your insurance to make sure that you have adequate coverage. A home renovation could have a huge impact on your home’s value, and you might need to upgrade your insurance policy to account for those changes.

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