4 Remodels That Will Transform Your Bedroom into a Happier Place

Do you want to fall in love with your bedroom every time you walk in the door? If you feel a change in pace is necessary for your health, then check out these four ideas for renovating your bedroom. These themes will let you forget about the stress of the day and get busy with finding yourself.

Resort style

Everyone wants to feel like they are entering a spa when heading into the master suite. The space should be a sanctuary where you feel relief from stress and forget all your problems. One way to get this sensation is to install a massive rain shower, large soaking tub, or luxurious fixtures. Adding a skylight will bring in a more natural feeling and provide additional light without costing more energy. Finish off the design with lavish robes and linens.

Photo by Foremost Interiors

Beach vibes

If you dream of the beach when you think of better days, then what is the harm in turning your bedroom into a sandy oasis? Transform the space with plantation shutters, wispy fabrics, lots of greenery, and tons of cool colors. A few seashells, hourglasses, or baby palms will instantly take you to a different location in your mind.

Photo by Donna Guyler Design

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Zen den

Home remodelers create a huge variety of designs and themes for people. A popular style for relaxation is a meditation space. The bedroom is an excellent choice for this room because it is the place we all use to unwind. Whether you watch movies or take long, soaking baths, the bedroom is the place that beckons us all to come and sit awhile. Using natural elements, greenery, and sound dampening materials, a contractor can renovate a bedroom to make it fabulous.

Photo by Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

Appeal to the senses

Do you feel like you need a ton of help to be happy? This last style is sure to please by bombarding you with everything beautiful at once. For example, aromatherapy equipment instantly makes people think of a different place and time. Using heated floors and a variety of textures will add interest and keep the space comfortable. Pleasing colors, a place for refreshments, and a nice sound system or machine for sleep sounds round out the design to make it a place where stress is not allowed.

Photo by Ben Trager Homes

Transform your bedroom into your haven. Use your most memorable places and things to find the right inspiration. Ask a home remodeler how you can incorporate your favorite ideas into the existing space to create your happy place at home.

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