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4 Reasons You Should Fix Mold Or Water Damage ASAP

Water can always find a way into your home. Flood water, faulty plumbing work, clogged gutters, leaking water heaters, and malfunctioning sprinkler systems all have one thing in common: they wreak havoc on your home. When left unchecked, water damage can eventually breed mold. Water damage and mold aren’t a very good combination, are they?

Resolving Water Damage And Mold Growth: A Homeowner’s Must

Water damage isn’t uncommon in many residences. It typically starts with damaged structures if the water sources come from the outside. For example, if your basement isn’t waterproof, floods during storms can quickly enter your basement, then this is where the problem grows bigger.

Meanwhile, when the water damage stems from the home’s interior, it can be caused by various things:

Reasons You Should Fix Mold Or Water Damage ASAP

Regardless of the sources of water damage and mold growth, it’s crucial to act immediately to prevent more problems from occurring. Since water damage solutions and mold removal are quite a complex task for homeowners, it would be wiser and cheaper in the long run to hire professionals ,like Rescue Clean 911 – Mold Remediation Expert, to do the work.

Take a look at how mold remediation professionals can do wonders for your home:

Here are four reasons why you should fix mold or water damage as soon as possible:

1. It’s A Huge Health Threat

Your home should be the epitome of safety and comfort. If you leave your mold and water damage untreated inside your home, your family and pets will suffer from health consequences.

Exposure to excessive moisture and mold can irritate your throat and lungs. People who have more sensitive respiratory tracts or are experiencing respiratory conditions can have more adverse reactions to mold spores, such as red eyes, runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, and asthma attacks.

Also, mold growth can trigger dermatitis and mold rashes characterized by raw and sensitive skin, dry and scaly skin, and, worse, small, raised bumps that leak fluid.

Many homeowners prefer not to resolve mold and water damage immediately due to its hefty costs, but they’re unaware that their health and their family’s health are paying the price.

2. It Spreads Easily

Once molds start to grow on the corner of your home, it’s only a matter of time before they multiply. Molds are a type of fungi composed of spores that can get carried away by the air. They can easily attach to furniture, appliances, and clothing.

Molds can only grow in dark areas with plenty of warmth and oxygen. When water damage enters these areas, molds can start breeding. They may begin with smaller spores that disguise as soot or dirt.

Pay more attention to your organic surfaces and materials, like wood, fabric, dust, paint, and wallpaper as molds feed on their components.

3. It Causes Structural Damage

While water is considered a basic necessity, the wrong placement of water can be more destructive than advantageous. For instance, it can seep into your residential structures and bring about damages.

Water can weaken the structural integrity of your home by starting on its foundation. During heavy flooding, the impact of the water current can push into your structures and surfaces that are exposed outside. Flood water can also saturate the soil and alter the structural stability of your property.

Furthermore, if you have unresolved damages on your home before flood water even arrives, such as a clogged downspout or basement wall cracks, water can easily find its way into these crevices and weaken its materials, particularly wood. Wood materials can absorb water, thus causing swelling, shrinkage, and warping of your structures.

4. It Ruins The Beauty Of Your Home

As mentioned earlier, molds can look like soot or dirt clinging on your walls. However, did you know that molds come in different colors?  Aside from black mold, here are some types of mold common in homes:

Bottom Line

Leaking water and mold growth can be huge contributors to your home’s destruction. They can start as a small, almost unnoticeable problem that some homeowners may choose to ignore. Leaving these damages unchecked and untreated is the perfect recipe for disaster. Hopefully, the things discussed above will convince you to take immediate actions on mold and water damage.

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