4 Reasons every Company Needs to Invest in Air Duct Cleaning Periodically

We all love sprucing up our offices from time to time. There are days that cleaners simply mop the floor, vacuum the carpet and dust the surfaces to ensure every spot looks sparkling clean. On other days, they go full throttle: they clean the windows, scrub the sinks and wash the bathroom. But how often do we remember to clean the air duct? Most companies spend decades without cleaning it. Apart from providing air conditioning, air ducts allow ventilation and heating within the office. Therefore, they deserve as much attention to hygiene as the rest of the building.

Here are 4 reasons every company ought to clean out their air duct occasionally.

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1. They accumulate dust over time

Air ducts are not immune to dirt – they get dusty and greasy if left unattended for months. Spiders have a proclivity for air ducts, perhaps because of their warmness. It’s not uncommon to find a plethora of cobwebs inside your air duct once it’s opened. Here are some other pollutants that can cause your air ducts to become dirty:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Growth of molds arising from water leaks and damaged pipes
  • Chemical residue from insecticides and cleaning agents
  • Dust emanating from renovation work

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2. Saving energy costs

According to the United States Energy Department, around 40% of energy utilized by HVAC systems is actually wasted due to contaminants within the system. The department recommends that companies with air ducts change their filters constantly. However, debris can inevitably fall into the duct and stick to the sides, reducing performance significantly. This results to inefficiencies that spike energy costs tremendously. Since we live in tough economic times where every penny counts, cleaning your air duct will save you a pretty penny. A clean duct is more efficient, performs better and uses far less energy compared to a dirty one.

3. Improving air quality and indoor freshness

Airborne pollutants are quickly threatening the health of company employees around the world. If not cleaned, air ducts form breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, pollen, contaminants and microorganisms. When such pollutants thrive in the air duct and circulate around the office workspace, they can produce unpleasant odors and create an undesirable breathing experience. In a worst-case scenario, airborne diseases might arise and cause suffering amongst your employees. Luckily, you can hire a trusted air duct cleaning company to help. Click here if you desire to get your air duct cleaned.

4. Bettering health among employees

Some personnel suffer from breathing complications such as asthma. Others have a sensitive immune systems that can be threatened by an influx of airborne pathogens. Cleaning your air duct annihilates the chances of contracting air-borne diseases. Employees’ quality of life improves immensely when they breathe clean, dirt-free air. Sadly, not many individuals enjoy this privilege. Some are stuck in profit-oriented companies that barely put their workers’ interests first. This is why Denver Air Duct Cleaning has a team of skilled professionals who have dedicated their lives to cleaning air ducts in offices and apartments. You can’t go wrong with them.

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