4 Out of Ground Pool Maintenance Tips

As a nation of outdoor lovers, it comes as no surprise that we also love spending time in the water too! If you can’t get yourself down to the beach every other day or you don’t love the feeling of sand in your clothing, then it may be time to invest in a pool. Offering the perfect space to relax and unwind on a long summer afternoon, or splash and play with family and friends, they are an excellent investment that will add value to your life and your property.

However, there is no denying that they can be expensive, especially when extensive excavating is involved. We recommend out of ground pools, as they can be enjoyed without the need for a long and costly installation process. Once you’ve began enjoying your new pool, follow these maintenance tips to ensure you can continue to cool off and relax for many years to come.

Monitor the chlorine levels

To ensure the water stays healthy and safe, continuously monitoring the chlorine levels is critical. This will require a series of different chemicals and monitoring equipment, and different quantities should be used at different times of the year and in different environmental conditions. If you’re still new to pool ownership, we recommend spending time with the concrete pool builders or at your local pool shop to ensure you’re following correct procedures.

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Clean the skimmer baskets

Unless you keep your pool cover on 24/7, dirt and debris will enter your pool. This can include anything from leaves and twigs to small insects – and a good skimmer can skim the water’s surface before the debris sinks to the bottom of the pool. We recommend emptying and cleaning the filter on a weekly basis, as this allows the machine to function at an optimal level and ensures it doesn’t become too full to collect the gunk from your pool.

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Check the shell

One of the great things about out of ground pools is that the exterior of the shell can be easily checked and monitored. If access allows, be sure to hop under your deck every once in a while, – at least at the start and end of each season – and look for any cracks or potentially weak spots. These should be repaired immediately, as this can result in costly issues in the future if not addressed.


Whilst checking the shell, consider a quick sweep of the entire pool area, including the decking, fencing, coping and tiling. Discolouration can be a sign that there is a leak, which definitely needs to be repaired as soon as its spotted, regardless of whether it’s the middle of winter or the height of summer.

Hire a professional

Lastly, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the level of maintenance your out of ground pool will require, consider hiring a professional! With skill and experience, they can mix chemicals and clean and filter the water with ease. Professional cleaners can offer a range of packages, from weekly and monthly visits to start or end of season treatments.

Photo by Pioneer Family Pools London & Woodstock

As you can see, owning a pool isn’t necessarily a simple task. It can be time consuming and expensive – though with proper maintenance, the time and money you spend keeping your pool looking its best can be kept to a minimum. If you have an out of ground pool, we recommend following these tips and tricks year-round for sparkling water and a safe play space.

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