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4 of the Best Ways to Remember a Loved One

It’s never easy when a loved one passes away.

You left with all those wonderful memories that you have of them and anything special that they left behind for you. But you are also left with the pain and heartbreak of having them leave your life too soon.

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things many of us ever have to go through. It can leave a lasting trauma that taints our well-being for years to come. However, time heals everything. Eventually, the pain subsides ever so slightly and we learn to cope with the trauma.

When you’ve reached this stage in the healing process, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can keep the memories of your loved one alive forever.

If you’re at this stage and you are looking for some great ways to remember the special person you have lost, here are four ideas.

1. Buy Personalized Remembrance Gifts

Personalized remembrance gifts include everything from memorial boxes to inspiration trays to unique lanterns. There are so many thoughtful gifts that can be personalized to include your loved one’s name or favorite quote.

You can display these gifts throughout your home as a constant reminder of how special they are. It’s almost like keeping a small piece of them alive with you forever and celebrating their lives in a thoughtful and unique way.

2. Cook Their Favorite Dish

If your loved one had a particular meal that they enjoyed eating all the time, a great way to keep their legacy alive is cooking this dish for you and the whole family to enjoy together.

Smell is one of the strongest human senses and this is why the memories that are associated with a particular scent are so strong. As soon as you start cooking up your lost one’s favorite foods, many incredible memories will come flooding back.

3. Watch Videos of Them

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of video footage of your loved one, watching these videos back can give you some peace of mind.

Maybe it’s some footage of the lost birthday celebration or a funny video of them dancing to their favorite songs.

Hearing their voice and seeing their smile is almost like having them back in the room with you. You can reignite the many memories that you have with them and reminisce on the good times.

4. Celebrate Their Birthday

Just because they are gone, it doesn’t mean they are forgotten.

Each year, spend the day celebrating your loved one’s birthday. Light a candle in their name, eat their favorite type of birthday cake, do the activities that they loved to do. Make the day all about them, just as though they are still celebrating with you.

You could also share your special photos on social media in honor of the person you have lost. You can share happy memories with others who knew your loved one to celebrate their amazing life on their birthday.

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