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4 of the Best Projects for Beginner TIG Welders

If you’re considering taking up a new career or simply a hobby, TIG welding is a great idea. This field is one that is in very high demand in the workplace. Here are some beginner projects to get you started on developing skills as a TIG welder.


One great way to learn how to weld is to create something that you’re likely familiar with. A hammer is something that most people have used many times throughout their life. You can easily describe how it looks and picture it in your head. By using some scrap round bar metal, you can create the head of the hammer. You can use anything you have metal to attach to the round bar to be the handle of the hammer. Use your welding skills to weld together the head of the hammer and the handle into one solid unit.

Third Hand Tool

When you’re using a TIG welder, you have to use both of your hands. This can make things super difficult when what you’re welding isn’t steady on its own. A third hand tool is a great substitute for a third hand that can help to keep your project in place when you’re welding. These can be basically made out of spare rebar and a thick round bar. You can find images of what these look like online as there are many pre-fab versions that you could potentially purchase if you don’t make your own.

Tote Tray

When you decide to take up TIG welding, it’s likely that you have some tools that you’ll need to store. Making a tote tray is a great project for beginners and will give you a nice place to store these items when not in use. You can design the tote tray however you would like. You can put a handle in the middle of it or just create a square box. It’s really up to what your preferences are for the things that you’ll be storing in it.


A gate can be a great way to practice your TIG welding skills as it will require a lot of in-depth repetitive work. Get a lot of rebar or some similar round bar, depending on the look that you’re going for, and start to fashion it together. You’re going to need to weld not only the frame for the gate but also the interior slats.

There are tons of projects out there for beginners who are looking to develop their skills at TIG welding. The above are four great examples that many beginners start with as they don’t require tons of costly materials to do. In fact, most of these can be simply made from some lose metal you find in the scrap bin.

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