4 Most Common Plumbing Issues in American Households

The average homeowner can expect a visit from the plumber at least once every three years. If you’ve recently run into an issue with your plumbing, worry not, as most problems are more common than you think.

In some cases, you can perform a bit of DIY handiwork and alleviate the issue yourself. However, it’s always a better option to bring in a professional who can properly diagnose and repair the problem. This Santa Fe air conditioner, heating, and plumbing solutions company comes highly recommended for those in the New Mexico area.

Be sure to get in touch with a professional in the event of a home maintenance or plumbing emergency before trying to fix it yourself, as they’ll be able to prevent any issues from happening in the future.

Toilet is Blocked

Your toilet usually becomes clogged when there’s a buildup of waste and paper or if something was physically dropped in. Because a toilet’s drainage system is inside or underneath it, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to fixing it yourself. Using an auger or plunger is your best bet, otherwise, professional help might be needed.

Sink Draining Slowly

If it’s in your bathroom, objects such as Q-Tips and hair are likely to blame for the blockage that’s making your sink drain slowly. Kitchen sinks typically become blocked from grease, oils or chunks of food. There also might be debris piling up in your garbage disposal, due to it being unable to properly grind up waste.

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If you suspect that your garbage disposal is to blame, you can drop a few ice blocks in while it’s running to break up any blockages. In the case of a bathroom sink, you can use a channel lock or wrench to remove and clean/replace the trap located directly under the drain, as this is where waste builds up.

Toilet is Running

If your toilet continues to fill for more than a few seconds after flushing or at random intervals, a number of components might be responsible. In the former case, the rubber plunger between the bowl and tank might be loose. If it’s randomly filling, the bobber may not be properly set. Try adjusting the floater chain to see if the bobber is responsible.

Faucet is Constantly Dripping

If your faucet has been around for some time, it’s likely due to a gasket or washer that has started to rust, thus letting water through. If this doesn’t seem to be the case, then the connection between your faucet and main water pipe may have rusted or become loose.

In this case, DIY repairs are not recommended, as most methods could result in the situation going from bad to worse. For example, if you try tightening the visible nuts on the pipe, the sealant may break. The pipe or valve body will likely need replacement.


With any kind of plumbing issue, it would be wise to address it as soon as you can to prevent further damage. Bringing in a professional is your best bet, but it helps to also know a thing or two about your own home.

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