4 Materials to Use for Achieving a Modern Look in Your Home

The desire for a modern home has been reignited by the recent revival of home renovation shows. Everyone wants to achieve a sleek, expensive-looking design, but some may not know how. With easy access to an endless array of materials and design ideas, it can be difficult to know where to start. Keep reading to find four materials that will help achieve a fresh, modern look to any home.


Brick is often quickly written off by those who are after a contemporary design. However, brick is a great choice for a modern look when used correctly. For example, exposed brick has long been used in urban interiors, yet it is still highly sought after and continues to have a trendy vibe.

Photo by Raad Studio


Many people are familiar with quartz, a synthetic material commonly used for countertops in the past. Quartzite, in contrast, is a completely natural material. It is more affordable than granite, yet it looks similar and is equally as sturdy. It isn’t limited to kitchen counters. Quartzite can be used for flooring, backsplash, and wall tiles as well. It complements most interior designs with its grey and white palette.

Photo by Laura Burton Interiors

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Perspex is a solid, transparent plastic material similar to Plexiglas. It has a huge variety of potential uses in a modern home design. It can be produced in any color and custom cut to any shape. Perspex is used for anything from windows to decorative wall inserts. Ultra-modern homes often have installments of illuminated Perspex to create an almost futuristic design.

Photo by LA Hally Architect

Natural Finishes

Natural finishes, particularly pertaining to wood, are very popular in contemporary architectural designs. Natural elements are popularly used outdoors to create interesting facades and unique curb appeal. Indoors, natural finishes on wood floors, countertops, and cabinets create a laid-back, warmer modern feel. The use of recycled materials for this purpose helps the environment as well.

Photo by Greenberg Construction

While modern, these four materials are also timeless and will not likely become dated over time. A timeless design eliminates the need for constant redecorating to keep up with current trends. A modern home will look different to everyone based on individual preferences and needs, but these four materials are easily manipulated to fit into many interior design tastes. Their versatility provides the freedom to incorporate any or all of them into your home with ease.

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