4 Kitchen Panning Myths

A Kitchen Renovation can be a really fun, exciting, and new experience for a home owner. However, when you start to look online for ideas you begin to see thousands of options available to you, how to guides, articles, blogs, Pinterest boards and more. Your once exciting adventure then turns into a confusing and somewhat overwhelming experience. With so many different people telling you things, it might be difficult to know who to listen to and who not to listen to. If you want to uncover the top 5 kitchen renovation myths, consider checking out the valid information and facts below!


Wood Is Unsanitary in The Kitchen

When you decide on something like Kitchen Countertops or even an island, you might start wondering about the best types of materials to use. Stainless steel is really sanitary – hence why its used in professional kitchens across the world. But, it can also feel really cold and make a room have a sort of sterile feel and look to it. This is why a lot of people like wood. Wood comes in all sorts of stains and colors, as well as styles. If you have been reading that wood is unsanitary, this is a myth. Maybe this was true 10+ years ago, but these days manufacturers actually put a sealant on Kitchen Countertops that are made of wood – probably because they know you will want to use them for actually preparing foods on, not just for show. Wood that is sealed is actually very sanitary. You just have to make sure that you clean it properly with water and vinegar or bleach if you plan on using things like chicken or cow juice splatters on it. Also, if you are really worried about it, you should be using a cutting board on top of your wood counter or you could specifically just use a cutting board for ONLY veggies on the wood island/countertop and then use another material like granite or tile for other preparation of meats. Likewise, when it comes to your flooring you also need to think about comfort and appeal for yourself OR if you are selling the home, what type of flooring a First Time Home Buyer would want. Chances are its going to be something easy to clean, attractive, appealing and easy on the feet when it comes to cooking and standing for hours on end.


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Trends and Rules Aren’t Always The Most Important Thing

If you are doing a kitchen renovation and you’ve been doing a lot of searching around on trends, that’s good. You can see what’s in style and what is not. But, when it comes to your actual kitchen, the one you will see and be in every day, its not always in your best interest to go with the trends! For instance, black and white is a really popular color theme. But, if you hate white or black – or both for that matter, don’t do it! Instead, use a color theme that you really love, and throw the trend out. Go with a scheme that makes you happy and that you can live with for the next few years.


Hiring A Pro Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Another big myth. While there are SOME Do it yourself projects you can do on your own in the kitchen, there are others you shouldn’t even be bothering with. Not only can they be unsafe, but if you aren’t experienced, don’t have the know-how, or training, you could potentially end up screwing something up which can be irreversible. Hiring a pro might cost a little more, but he or she can build you a beautiful kitchen that will Increase Property Value in case you plan to sell in the future, and create a comfortable and efficient space for your home.


Style Over Storage Is What Matters!

Another very untrue myth. While style should have some weight on your decisions, so should storage. If you have a kitchen without proper storage you are going to get really frustrated, really quick! Make sure that if you have pre-existing spaces like a pantry, that you don’t rip them out to create something like a butler area. Or if you don’t have a lot of pre-existing space for something like a coffee area, pantry or something else, that you include that in your plans!

It’s also a good idea to sit down and figure out a list of everything you want to be upgraded. From faucets and light fixtures to everything else in between. Chances are you will be able to fix the little things if you don’t like them, but the bigger things are something you will have to live with for a while, so make sure it’s a kitchen you can really fall in love with!

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