4 Interior Design Trends to Try During Quarantine

If you’ve been sheltering in place, you may have found that you’re tired of your current decor. Changing things up doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will take some planning. If you are ready to redecorate, try the tips below to fall back in love with your home.

Hygge, or Coziness

The Danish tradition of Hygge decorating is all about snuggling up and staying safe and warm inside. No matter the season, you can boost your Hygge factor with texture. A velvety pile or fake fur throw can be draped across the sofa for a lush look. Candles to freshen the air can be found that crackle like a real fire! Add plush rugs with lots of pile for bare or slippered feet to enjoy.

Photo by Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture


Getting down to the bare essentials can be incredibly freeing. Take this just one space at a time and sort with care. As you reduce a room to just what you love, consider moving the remaining objects to the center while you paint the walls a pale cream color. Add floating shelf brackets and plain wooden shelves with only the decorative objects that have meaning to you before putting your remaining pieces of furniture back in place.

Photo via Houzz

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More Is More

All design trends have their day, and if you’re not drawn to minimalism, you may be invigorated by bright colors that allow you to celebrate your possessions. Maximalism isn’t about excess or clutter as a positive feature of design; it’s about celebrating what you love. Instead of painting everything a neutral color, add one strong accent wall in a bold color, such as teal or navy. Use one wood tone to bring the space together and see how that glossy cherry or pale maple pops against your chosen accent.

Photo by Board & Vellum

Farmhouse Chic

If sheltering in place has encouraged you to break away from the bustle of your former existence, you may long for a simpler, more rustic style. Adding shiplap to any room and painting or staining it with a low luster sealant that lets the rough edges show is a great start. Your home doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and the country style of decorating embraces the imperfectly perfect.

Photo by Gina McMurtrey Interiors LLC

Oftentimes, isolation gives us time to think. If sheltering in place has forced you to actually study what you love, and perhaps don’t love, about your home, now is the time to focus on what gives you the greatest comfort and enjoyment.

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