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4 Ideas to Upgrade Your Roof

There are times when replacing your roof is necessary. Other times, you may want to upgrade the appearance and functionality of your home’s most important feature. Either way, updating/upgrading your roof can enhance its looks, function, and usefulness. It’s also an amazing way to increase a home’s overall value while protecting the investment of your home. There are a few practical options that will help you enhance your roof’s performance and aesthetic. Here are a few ideas for upgrading your roof while it’s getting replaced.

Why you should upgrade

Roofs can withstand quite a bit of punishment from the elements, but after a while, things may start to degrade. Maintenance and Any of the following issues may indicate the need for a roof upgrade (or outright replacement!):

Other likely reasons to upgrade may be aesthetic or even based on energy efficiency. For instance, if you want to draw more power from solar energy in your home, then you may put solar panels on your roof. If you want to reduce heating/cooling costs, you may be looking at a major overhaul. It ultimately just depends on your purpose and reasoning for doing the upgrade.

Add some venting

During a roof replacement, consider updating your events. There are a few ways to determine if you have poor ventilation. Do you find you have an ice wall when the snow from a winter storm begins to melt? Is your insulation wet or moist? How about water stains? All of these symptoms can indicate a poorly ventilated roof. Ultimately, vents are an invaluable roof upgrade. Most homeowners probably don’t spend much time thinking about their vents or even consider replacing them. But a functional ventilation system can heat or cool your house more efficiently. It’s worth looking into to accomplish overall better climate control in your home.

Upgrade to metal roofing

Metal roofing is a remarkable alternative to asphalt shingles. They are incredibly durable and last for an extended period. Metal is quite sustainable, recyclable, and reflective. That means it’ll bounce the sun’s warm rays off your house, contributing to a reduction in heat. There are numerous other advantages as well, so do a little bit of additional research to see if a metal roof is right for you. If you’re interested in replacing your roof with a metal one or simply upgrading what you’ve already got, hire a professional roofer for the job. To find a professional in your area, go online and search for “trustworthy, top-level roofers near me” to fast-track your search for the right professional to help with your upgrades.

Add solar panels

Renewable energy is something beneficial for both your home and the environment. Plus, solar panels just look cool. Consider adding solar panels to your roof. Doing so effectively transforms your roof into a power station. Solar panels are a marvel of modern engineering. When installed correctly, these panels will collect energy from the sun and convert it to the alternating current (AC) your home uses to power almost everything. Exposing them to direct sunlight as much as possible optimizes the power they will generate. Most solar panels will fit right into the look of your home and won’t seem out of place on any modern home.

Replace your gutters

Gutters are a surprisingly important picture of your home. They serve the vital function of preventing rainfall or accumulated moisture from seeping into your house or otherwise damaging the exterior. That’s just one good reason to keep them in good repair or to replace/upgrade them as you remodel your home. Be sure to inspect them for cracks, busted seams, or other damage that may prevent them from performing their intended function. Adding gutter replacement to your renovation docket can prolong your new roof’s life and look classy in the process.

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