4 Great Do-It-Yourself Projects For Winter

A considerable amount of DIY winter crafts focus on the holiday season, but once New Year’s has come and gone, several months of winter are left and holiday crafts are obsolete. While you’re cooped up inside, try a few new DIY projects that will give your home a bit of winter sparkle without actually bringing any of the outside chill in.

A Wreath of Pictures

Wreaths aren’t just holiday decorations, but they’re accents that look nice throughout the winter. This year, make a wreath not out of the typical evergreen branches but out of pictures. Start with a wreath frame, or with a simple twig and branch wreath. Print out your favorite pictures in varying sizes, not going any larger than 4×6. Cut a few into squares. Then arrange them around the wreath and attach them with dabs of glue. Get an especially chic look by doing all the photos in black and white. Pop up a wall hook to hang it, and voilà. This DIY hook project is not only easy to put together but will add some extra style to your home.

Ice Lanterns

You can only make ice lanterns if it’s below freezing or you have a huge freezer, but they’re worth waiting for such low temperatures. By filling a bucket with water and emptying it when the water is only partially frozen, you create the lantern’s shell completely of ice. Once you remove that shell from the bucket, you can place a small candle inside the hollow center. Make several ice lanterns and use them to light up your garden path or front porch steps on frozen winter nights.

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Knit Vase Covers

Give your vases (and your glass candle jars) a snuggly look by covering them with pretty knit patterns. Thankfully, you don’t have to know how to knit to do this. Just pull out some old sweaters you’re not going to wear anymore. Cut the sleeves off, and slip them over your favorite cylindrical vases or candle jars. You may have to run a line of glue across the ragged edge of the sleeve to keep it from unraveling. If you don’t have any cylindrical vases, try it on your narrowest curved vase by tying a ribbon around the smallest part of the neck to hold the sweater in place.

Painted Pine Cones

Gather some small pine cones and your favorite colors in paint. To make this project extra wintry, use white and silver paint with glitter, but any color paint will do. Paint the tips of the pine cones with a paint brush from top to bottom for a neat look, or simply dip the top of each cone in paint and let it drip down. Display these adorable winter decorations by stringing them up with short loops of thread and hanging them from wall hooks.

Winter is a wonderful time to start indoor DIY projects and play with new decorations and design ideas. You’re already inside trying to stay cozy and warm, so make good use of that time to add some winter flare to your interior this winter.

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