4 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Woodworking projects are not only fun but also very useful. You can also use them to create a source of income. Additionally, you will feel the joy of creating something from your effort. Therefore, learning about these projects will bring you more benefits than losses. However, don’t stress about being perfect. There are so many woodworking projects, so as a beginner start with the simple ones. Then slowly work your way up to creating more difficult projects. As you get the basics down you’ll feel more and more confident and be a pro in no time! Here are four easy working projects perfect for beginners.

1. Wooden Chopping Board and Serving Tray

Start your journey of woodworking with a simple and easy project.. The best thing about chopping boards is that they don’t require a lot of resources.

Also, it will not consume much of your time. It would be best to have a focused mind, relax, and be ready to start. It would be best to learn how to dry-fit the parts, scribe a good arc, and then use glue to put the whole thing into place.

You will use a four-fit steel ruler to make measurements of a good angle. However, you can also use a yardstick or a thin board. You can look up step-by-step how-to instructions to guide you. Make sure you use good water-resistant glue, or else it will start falling apart.

2. Shoe Storage Booster

You don’t have a live-in a disorganized house because of shoes. You can create a simple shoe storage booster. Also, you can avoid going through the cost of buying one from the shop by creating it yourself. You can build a handy stool in close at an hour since it’s not complicated.

It is multipurpose since you can use it as a step to reach a higher shelf. You need a 4ft by 4ft sheet, plywood, a handful of 8d finish nails, and wood glue for the storage shelf. Cut the plywood pieces into the sizes you prefer. Spread the wood glue to the joints to make them strong.

Then you can nail them all together. The next thing is to nail the top into the sides and the back. Mark where you want to place the two shelves, then nail through the sides into the shelves.

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3. Magazine Storage Container

Magazines can be messy at times. Especially if you love reading, you will keep buying them every time you see one, and you may never get enough of it. So, create a storage container to place the magazines and organize your house. It will help you reduce the towering pin of magazines and other papers.

All you need to do is to build four bins from one 2ft by 4ft sheet of ¼ in plywood and two 6ft long 1by4s. You can cut the wood with a band saw or a jigsaw. You can get the best woods from a good woodshop. You can also go green by using recycled lumber. For example, Street Tree Revival, which sells urban lumber in California repurposes old trees into wood slabs and logs that people can use for their woodworking projects.

4. Coat and Hat Rack

The best thing about woodwork is you get to create something unique that will add more beauty, warmth, and rustic vice to your home. It will be a great talking piece and will add a touch of customization and personality to your space. Cut the boards to fit into the space you have set aside. You can then outfit and paint them with differently designed hooks. You can buy the clips or also craft a wooden hook by yourself.

Screw them to the wall so that they can be stable. There are so many designs and styles, and colors for hooks. Play around with the options you have to make the rack look more beautiful. You can finish up the work by applying some paint to it.

Ensure you do it carefully to avoid destroying the beauty of the house. You can also use stickers to decorate it. Once you learn the pattern, you can create so many others like that.

Woodworking projects are fun. You can start by trying out these four easy projects. Once you are successful with your first-time projects, try out others and practice until you become a pro. Go through other models and see what you can do.

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