4 Details to Add in Your Kitchen for an Instant Upgrade

The kitchen is a unique environment in terms of home upgrades. While new paint and flooring can create a more stylish environment, budget-friendly ways to create a more serviceable and efficient kitchen can help to ensure more convenient and enjoyable meal prep. Even the most basic addition is often all that is needed for an immediate upgrade.

Small Appliances

Even the most eye-catching decor or the most efficient layout can still benefit from the right small appliance. Smaller devices are affordable and lack the need for a complex installation while still providing superior convenience or broadening the range of meal-prep options. A well-chosen small appliance is a simple and effective way to upgrade any kitchen.

Photo by Bunker Workshop

Cabinet Pulls

While new cabinetry can dramatically transform the space and environment, the cost and work needed for installation can be a real obstacle. New pulls and other hardware accents can be installed with nothing more than a screwdriver and can fit within even the most modest budget. Hardware that provides a stylish accent for the surrounding decor can often make quite the difference.

Photo by Ethelind Coblin Architect P.C

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An upgraded fixture or even a floor lamp is another way to update and improve the kitchen environment. Better illumination on counters and islands can benefit cooking and meal prep while mood lighting can allow for a more comfortable atmosphere. A kitchen bar or attached dining area may benefit greatly by improved lighting. Outdated light fixtures can become a real eye-sore, one that homeowners would do well to address.

Photo by Melocco and Moore Architects

Pull-Out Faucets

Extendable kitchen faucets are a great way to improve and upgrade the sink area. Choosing to upgrade their existing hardware when dealing with a plumbing repair can often be the most convenient way to update the kitchen. Extendable faucets that offer superior range and versatility can benefit both food preparation and cleanup and are one of the simplest ways to enjoy an immediate kitchen upgrade.

Photo by Urrutia Design

Renovating the kitchen does not always call for a complete overhaul and homeowners may be surprised as just how big a difference smaller upgrades may be able to make. Making smaller budget-friendly upgrades over time means that homeowners will not have to make due with a dated kitchen or a cooking and meal-prep environment that may be far from comfortable or efficient. Concentrating on some of the smaller details can provide plenty of opportunities for a quick and easy upgrade.

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