4 Decorative Styles to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Home

If you haven’t yet researched what is available in window styles if you are in the process of installing or replacing your current ones or in your new construction, you will be amazed at the vast selection that exists in the styles, shapes, sizes, materials, benefits, and prices.

Most companies realize that every customer has different needs and desires, so they custom make the windows to fit the situations. That gives great leeway when you choose what will meet the needs and wishes of you, your family, and the flexible specifications of where they will be placed in your home to deliver beauty and the latest in energy efficiency and technology. Here are a few options you can discuss when the time comes to swap out your windows with something new.

Awning Windows

They are considered the most efficient, convenient, and easy to open. The panes are located mostly at the top, and hand cranks allow positioning the window in a wanted position. Their tops are hinged, and they open outward from the bottom, protecting from the rain while giving ventilation. One desired use is in basements where they can be placed high on a wall for privacy and can be paired with non-operable windows. They can be placed above or below a picture window, for example, since they are usually smaller than casements, double-hung, or sliders. They are also ideal above a bathtub, a shower, behind a kitchen sink, or in hard-to-reach places.

Photo by Teton Heritage Builders

Glider Windows

Also called sliding windows, they operate horizontally and allow for ventilation from top to bottom. By not opening outward, they are an ideal choice for kitchens and rooms that face porches, patios, decks, landscaping, and walkways. The window slides open and closed on rollers that are set in a track that slides left or right. They have one or more sashes combined with stationary sashes, which makes for a versatile, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use window that does not protrude outward but does reveal the beautiful outside world.

Photo by Renewal by Andersen Long Island

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Shaped and Round Top Windows

Round or shaped windows are a great option to give a decorative touch. Oval windows are stylish and come in a wide assortment of decorated or clear glass choices. Arch windows have a rectangular bottom half and a top that is a half-circle. Circle-top windows are semi-circular and usually accompany the common rectangular-shaped windows. They usually do not open, so are best for rooms that have plenty of ventilation already and just need more natural lighting.

Photo by Alison Whittaker Design, Inc.

Tilt Turn and Hopper Windows

They have brought the signature European window to America using the finest German multi-point hardware that ensures an effortless and smooth operation, superb air sealing, easy cleaning, and security. They are dual-functioning and swing open to bring the fresh air in and tilt open at the top for ventilation. They can be made as single units, either right or left-hand hung, but can also be made in very large sizes that offer a number of design possibilities. In terms of window installation, these are very easy to put in the place of older windows.

Photo by Marvin

Used alone or in combination, windows add curb appeal, enhance the character of your home, and give your home a unique personality. The light-filled spaces bring the outdoors inside in order to be enjoyable to the viewing and add beauty to your home often with a one-of-a-kind design.

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